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Mar 05, 2023
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Exiled Female Afghan Police Officer Zala Zazai: The World Is Willing To Make A Deal With The Taliban, Despite Human, Women's Rights Violations

#10158 | 02:03
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

Former Afghan police officer Zala Zazai who fled the country after the Taliban took power in August 2021, called out the international community for recognizing the Taliban government despite its human rights violations, in an English-language video posted on Akhbar Al Aan on YouTube on March 5, 2023. She said that the Taliban government has no legitimacy, and that arrests and murder are at their peak. Zazai added that women have no rights in Afghanistan, yet the world is ready to "make a deal" with the Taliban government and impose their rule on the Afghan people.

Zala Zazai: "Today, Afghanistan is ruled by a terrorist group, who has no internal or external legitimacy. Serious violations of human rights are taking place [there], and women are deprived of all their rights. Arrests, murders, and forced migration have reached their peak.

"I am talking about the Taliban, so... By shedding the blood of this nation, for Afghan people... Taliban terrorists have taken over the sovereignty of this land. They have killed innocent people for many years under various pretexts.


"The recognition of the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan calls into question the entire fight against terrorism. I think the victims of all these global destructive policies of the world are the people of this land. The world knows what is happening in Afghanistan, and it remains silent in order to make a deal with them and impose them on the people of Afghanistan. But I think the power of the Taliban is no longer an issue here. The matter is the will of the world to fight terrorism.


"The regime of the Taliban is not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan. It doesn't matter to the world, that the women don't have any rights in Afghanistan now. I am really sorry for the world's policy against the people of Afghanistan."

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