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Dec 06, 2023
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Elderly Palestinian Woman To Al-Jazeera Reporter Near A Khan Yunis Hospital: Hamas Takes All The Aid To Their Tunnels And Homes; They Can Shoot Me, I Am Not Afraid Of Them

#10704 | 01:00
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

An elderly Palestinian woman standing outside Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis told an Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) reporter that Hamas takes all the aid that is coming into the Gaza Strip for themselves during a December 6, 2023 live broadcast. In response to the reporter's assertion that no aid is coming into Gaza, she said: "All the aid goes to [the tunnels] underground." The reporter then claimed that a lot of aid is coming in and distributed to the people of Gaza, to which the woman replied: "Hamas take everything to their homes."

The reporter said: "It seems that the situation is unclear." During another portion of the Al-Jazeera broadcast the woman said that she was at the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City but thanks to coordination between the hospital and Israel, she was able to evacuate by bus along with other people who could not walk the distance because of illness or injury.

Interviewer: "You know that all the people here cannot find anything to eat or drink?"

Woman: "Yes, everybody is suffering."

Interviewer: "The situation is difficult. No aid is coming in."

Woman: "All the aid goes to [the tunnels] underground. It does not reach all the people.


"We came here from Gaza City. All the aid is meant for us. I am not afraid [of Hamas]. I am talking to them as well. All the aid reaches the Gaza Strip, and...

Interviewer: "A lot of aid is coming. It is being distributed. This is what they say."

Woman: "Hamas takes everything to their homes. They can take me, shoot me, or do whatever they want to me..."

Interviewer: "It seems that the situation is unclear."

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