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Feb 11, 2018
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Egyptian TV Host Gaber Al-Karmoty Hands Out Chocolates to Celebrate Downing of Israeli F-16

#6423 | 02:01
Source: Al-Nahar TV (Egypt)



Egyptian TV Host Gaber Al-Karmoty marked the occasion of the downing of the Israeli fighter jet by the Syrian army by bringing a box of chocolates to the TV studio. "Israel was, remains, and forever will be the No. 1 enemy of Egypt and the Arab world," he declared, as he opened the gift wrapping and invited members of the Al-Nahar TV crew to come onto the set to share the box with him.


Egyptian TV Host Gaber Al-Karmoty: I am happy. I was happy yesterday, but I was very worried about the war on terrorism in Egypt.




But today, I’d like to express [my joy] at the downing of the airplane. Is it possible to show the video of the downing of the Israeli plane?

This has been on my mind. Israel was, remains, and forever will be the No. 1 enemy of Egypt and the Arab world, regardless of all the diplomatic matters, and so on and so forth.

What I wanted to say is that I am happy.

Takes box of chocolates out from under desk.

While opening box of chocolates: Since I like to do things in an “outside-the-box” manner, we sent brother Khattab to buy a little something to celebrate the Israeli airplane’s crash in Syria.

While holding box in hand: I hope that it was really the Syrian army that downed the plane, and that this will continue to happen.




I would like to hand out these chocolates… Come over, people, so that the cameras can capture this…

Come over, chief… Go ahead and take one, chief.

Members of TV crew come forward and take chocolates.

This is just a small token… Everybody, take a chocolate to mark the downing of the Israeli airplane.



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