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Nov 10, 2015
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Egyptian TV Host Azmi Mogahed Criticizes Obama and Britain in Wake of Sinai Plane Crash

#5157 | 04:27

Egyptian TV host Azmi Mogahed recently went on a tirade against the U.S. and Britain - which he called "America's groupie - following their response to the Sinai plane crash. How can they say there was a bomb, he complained, when the international investigation is still ongoing? Mogahed's address aired on the Egyptian Al-Assema TV channel on November 10, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Azmi Mogahed: The time has come for our people to demonstrate its resilience. America cannot defeat us. England cannot defeat us. Nobody can defeat us. I have said time and again: Egypt has always been targeted. They wanted to instate the Muslim Brotherhood in order to fragment Egypt.


I'd like to send a message to America and England: We are very sorry, but we are not Afghanistan, and therefore, you cannot plant Al-Qaeda here in Egypt. Believe me, we are not Afghanistan. We are not Lebanon either, and therefore, you cannot impose Hizbullah upon us. It won't work in Egypt. We are not Palestine either, and we will not be ruled by the terror of Hamas. Am I right, or what? We shall never be Afghanistan, Lebanon, or Palestine. Egypt is not Iraq either, and they cannot divide us into Sunnis and Shiites. We are not Syria either, and we will not turn against our army.

My dear America, I'm sad to say that you still do not know the Egyptian people. We are a nation that was not defeated by the Mongols or the Hyksos, and we shall never be defeated by any ruling power upon Earth. Trust me on this. We know full well that our army, our police, and our people are united. Obviously, this bothers you to a great extent. Our president, our army, our police, and our people are all united. Forget about it. We are not Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, or Libya.

Besides, have you forgotten that we defeated the Hyksos? Obama, buddy, we defeated the Hyksos! We defeated Israel, whose army was said to be invincible. Have you forgotten this? Obama, buddy, I'm here to remind you of this. I'm also here to remind that man from England, that prime minister, of this.

England has always been a lackey. It has been America's groupie since the days of Tony Blair. England is America's groupie. They have always harbored terrorism, and they participated in the attack on Iraq, and afterwards admitted their mistake. The British are good people, but personally, I don't like them. Besides, don't forget that the Egyptians kicked the British out of Egypt. They have never forgotten this, and they have not forgotten what Nasser and Sadat did to them.

Egypt has always been a graveyard for invaders. We have given the British a smack in order to teach them a lesson. Allah willing, we will do it again and again. How can they do what they did, when the investigation is still ongoing? The president said that nobody should talk about the airplane [crash], because the incident is currently under international investigation.


If the President said this, how come they say there was a bomb?


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