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Jun 03, 2004
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An Egyptian TV Host: The Arab-Israeli Conflict Began When Abraham Wanted To Slaughter Ishmael

#107 | 02:46
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Ibrahim 'Issa, a television host for the privately owned Egyptian TV channel, Dream 2, discussed the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Following are excerpts from his comments, broadcast on June 3, 2004:

When our master Abraham said to our master Ishmael, I saw in my dream that I would slaughter you, the Israeli ? Arab conflict in fact began. This is an eternal barbaric conflict, which has been realized through history between the descendants of the two: Egyptian Hagar who gave birth to Ishmael, the Prophet of the Arabs, the father of Arabism, and grandfather of Muhammad, and Sara who gave birth to Isaac, grandfather of Moses, the source of Jews and Judaism.

The source of this conflict, which pertains to the roots of civilization, religion, and politics, is in this great event in the history of humanity. Here begins the equation of history. When history melds with religion and its inherent connection with geography, this difficult and continuous problem begins.

The important thing when it comes to the Arab ? Israeli conflict, is to understand the role of religion in the conflict with Israel, the Zionist entity, which calls itself 'Israel'. Even the word 'Israel' is religious. Meaning, when they named themselves? Does the name 'The United States of America,' have any religious meaning? Does the name 'Egypt' have a religious meaning? When they named this land 'Israel' they gave it a religious name from the start.

The seed of disagreement between the Muslims and the Jews was planted by the Jews and Israel and they should be the ones to reap its fruits. They are the ones who said that Palestine is the Jewish Promised Land and the homeland of every Jew in the world. Most Jews finance and support this country, even if they do not live on its land.

They, not us, decided that the conflict would be religious. We raised the banner of 'No to racism' while they raised the banner of racism and committed this criminal colonialist act. The Jews did this, not the Muslims. Religion is the basis for the Israeli entity, and there is no chance that we give in on this matter. Giving up on Al-Aqsa Mosque and its ownership is crossing the red line. Religion preserves this conflict and the Arab and Islamic rights.

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