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Mar 02, 2005
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Egyptian Sheik: Allah be Praised - World Trade Center Fell, Thousands of Americans Converted to Islam

#600 | 02:02
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)
The following are excerpts from a TV program with Sheik Mahmoud Al-Masri. Al-Majd TV aired this program on March 2, 2005:

We were in America once, to preach for Allah. It was at the time the WTC fell. I was on an island called Queens, which is opposite Manhattan, where the WTC is located. Allah be Praised, we were there for ten days or so, and Allah willed… My friend, Allah protect him, said to me: "I'd love to see the two buildings since they're so beautiful." We looked at them from a distance, since the sea separated us from the buildings, and we said, "how beautiful," because their beauty was indescribable.

We went back home to sleep. Allah be praised, two or three hours later we heard the two buildings had fallen. I said to my friend: "Well done, doctor!" He said to me: "We'll both be rewarded. We were a good omen."

Allah be praised, it was really difficult for five days, but from the crises comes the gift of God. We thought we must show these [Americans]... These are wretched people. They need to get to know Islam, the Muslims, and the values of the Prophet and his companions, and the values of the Muslims. We began to preach to them in classes on mercy and tolerance in Islam, and so on. A few days later, the American president gave a speech at the Islamic center in Washington - note how from the crisis comes the gift of God. In his speech, he read a Koranic verse from the Koran from the Al-Maida chapter: "Therefore, we decreed for the children of Israel that whoever kills a person – except as punishment for murder or corruption in the land – it is as if he killed all mankind, and whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved all mankind. When the people heard the Koran had such a verse, they all rushed to take translations of the Koran. When we ran out of Korans, we brought more copies. With Allah's grace, in the course of seven days, 6,000 Americans converted to Islam, and declared Allah is the one and only God. Note the grace of Allah 6,000 Americans... in the course of a single month, an unimaginable number of 23,000 Americans converted to Islam.

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