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Apr 24, 2020
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Israel Destroyed by Arab Countries, U.S. Collapses into Civil War in New Egyptian Dystopian Sci-Fi Series for Ramadhan

#7953 |
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

On April 24, 2020, ON TV (Egypt) aired the first episode of an Egyptian science fiction series for Ramadhan called "The End." The series takes places in 2120 and depicts a dystopian world in which "unauthorized" learning is prohibited. In one scene, a man is shown teaching a group of children about the history of the 21st century. He says that the United States collapsed into a civil war and the Arab countries used the opportunity to destroy their "sworn enemy," Israel. He explains that the majority of Jews in Israel fled to their "original countries" in Europe and elsewhere. As the man is teaching the lesson, an aircraft filled with stormtroopers lands outside the building the lesson is being held in. The soldiers storm the building and their commander informs the teacher that he is being accused of violating the decisions of the "Education Co. for Selective Teaching" and of the legal administration of the holy city of Jerusalem. The commander further informs the man that he is being sentenced to banishment in the radiation zones in West Africa. As the soldiers were storming into the building, one of the children tried to run away, and the commander shot and killed him.

Teacher: "In the first half of the 21st century, the balance of power in the world started to change. All the countries of Northern America used to be united in what was called 'the United States of America.' Then they began to weaken, fall apart, and fight one another. What used to be known as the Arab countries grew more powerful economically and militarily. The United States of America had been the main backer of the Zionist state. When the Arab countries got the chance to get rid of their sworn enemy, they launched the war that was called 'The Jerusalem Liberation War.'

"The war was quickly over and the Zionist state of Israel was destroyed before 100 years  had passed since its establishment. The vast majority of Jews in Israel fled back to their original countries in Europe and various countries of the world..."

Commander: "You are accused of violating the decisions of the legal administration of holy Jerusalem."

Teacher: "Criminals! God will exact revenge upon you!"

Commander: "In keeping with the decisions of the education administration to banish anyone who violates the decisions of Education Co. for Selective Teaching, you are sentenced to banishment in nuclear radiation zones in the Southern part of West Africa."

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