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Dec 09, 2017
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Fmr. Egyptian Pharmacists Union Chief Ahmad Farouk: Boycott U.S. Medicine, Just Like North Korea

#6315 | 01:34
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Ahmad Farouk, former secretary-general of the Egyptian Pharmacists Union, called to boycott American goods, especially medicines, following Trump's declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Dismissing TV host's Wael Elebrashy's objections that this might be more detrimental to Egypt itself than to the U.S., Farouk declared: "[North] Korea has been boycotting America for decades, and it is in a better shape than us." The interview with Farouk was broadcast on the Egyptian Dream TV channel on December 9.

Wael Elebrashy: "Can boycotting American goods, especially medicines, be an effective weapon, or are we calling for the use of an imaginary weapon, as always?"

Ahmad Farouk: "To be honest, anyone who did not feel pain [at Trump's declaration] should awaken. Anyone who does not feel that his honor was affronted, and that his sovereignty over this land was shaken, has two options: to bury himself in the largest available cemetery, or to reconsider his positions. The [Islamic] nation in his entirety was humiliated. For us, Jerusalem is not just a place on the map, but a place in our hearts. Our hearts were ripped out when Jerusalem was torn from us. Therefore, it is very strange to hear people claim that it is too much to ask of the nation to boycott those who butchered it, to boycott the leader of the gang that butchered it, and robbed it of its lands and holy places."

Wael Elebrashy: "The most important thing is not to punish ourselves. These actions might punish us and not affect the other side."

Ahmad Farouk: "We are not the first ones to boycott [the U.S.] and those who did so didn’t die. Korea has been boycotting America for decades, and it is in a better shape than us. We previously boycotted..."

Wael Elebrashy: "Are you referring to North Korea?"

Ahmad Farouk: "North Korea and others..."

Wael Elebrashy: "It is isolated from the world. It boycotts the whole world..."

Ahmad Farouk: "And yet it has not died."

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