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Dec 06, 2023
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Egyptian Journalist Ibrahim Eissa: Hamas Gained Nothing From Its Military Success On October 7, Which Entailed Undeniably Heinous Terrorist Acts, Kidnapping Babies And Children

#10717 | 03:36
Source: Al-Mashhad TV (UAE)

Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Eissa said in a December 6, 2023 interview on Al-Mashhad TV (UAE) that Hamas has gained nothing from its successful military operation on October 7, which was accompanied by an undeniable "horrific and heinous terrorist operation." He continued to say that Hamas left a liberated Gaza to carry out this operation but returned to an occupied Gaza. Eissa stated that Hamas has no moral superiority over Israel, because it abducted "babies, children, youths, women, elderly, and civilians in general." He said that Hamas terrorist attacks have done nothing to restore a single inch of Palestine.

Ibrahim Eissa: "On October 7, Hamas carried out a very successful and astonishing military operation, which shook Israeli security. This was the military aspect. However, that military operation was accompanied by a horrific and heinous terrorist operation of the abduction of babies, children, youths, women, elderly, and civilians in general.

"So that operation cannot be examined from one angle only. Yes, the military operation was successful by any measure. It has certainly shook Israeli security, but the terrorist nature of what happened during that operation is undeniable. Moreover, we have heard some faint apologies by some in Hamas, who said that this was not deliberate, and so on. They [realized] that this is something they must apologize for.


"When you are waging resistance, you have to be rational and reasonable. Your resistance cannot be insane and deranged. You launch an operation that starts with the killing of 1,200 Israelis, and ends in the killing of tens of thousands. The Gaza you left to carry out this military operation against Israel was liberated, but the Gaza you returned to is occupied. What kind of success is this? What is the point of abducting children and babies, while thinking and boasting about having moral superiority over Israel? You have no moral upper hand over Israel, because you kidnapped babies, children, and old women.


"What can we say that we have gained from the Palestinian resistance in Jordan, apart from a civil war between Palestinians and Jordan. What have we gained from the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon, apart from a civil war between the Palestinian resistance and the Lebanese people, or forces and factions within the Lebanese people? What have we gained from the hijacking of airplanes? What have we gained from taking hostages?


"Repeating the same approach, after 75 years, thinking that this would restore [the Palestinian] lands or rights is pure stupidity in the scientific and objective sense. This is not even an emotional statement. When [Hamas] repeats the same mistakes, and the same kind of nihilistic and suicidal resistance – can it really restore Palestine? When two Hamas members kill people in Tel Aviv in a drive-by shooting – can this restore Palestine? When have these [attacks] ever restored a single inch of Palestine? Hamas should tell us what it achieved for the Palestinian cause in the past 16 years."


Newscaster: "You demand that Hamas apologize to the Palestinian people for what it did to them, but the same Palestinian people support Hamas and raise posters of its leaders."


Eissa: "This is a big lie that everyone likes to repeat. Who asked the Palestinian people for their opinion? This group that oppresses the people in Gaza? Hamas that rejects and persecutes any opposition or dissent?"

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