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Sep 28, 2019
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Egyptian TV Host Dr. Mohamed El Baz: Very Important Report by MEMRI Exposes Al-Jazeera's Anti-Egyptian Sentiment

#7538 | 03:51
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

On September 28, 2019, Mohamed El Baz, TV host for Mehwar TV (Egypt), discussed MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 8297 and an Al-Jazeera TV interview with MEMRI President Yigal Carmon, which focused on Qatar and Al-Jazeera TV. El Baz summarized the MEMRI report, saying that Qatar has been plotting to topple Egypt's government by targeting President Al-Sisi, that Al-Jazeera has served as a platform for Egyptian dissident Mohamed 'Ali, and that Al-Jazeera employees have supported incitement and hashtags against Al-Sisi, the state, and the Egyptian military.


Following are excerpts:


Dr. Mohamed El Baz: "I will now show you a very important report. This report was written by the Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI]. MEMRI is a very important research institute that was established in 1998. After the events of 2001 in… This is the MEMRI website and here is the report I'm talking about. This report was published yesterday on MEMRI's website. The Middle East Media Research Institute is based in Washington, and it has many branches in Berlin, London, Rome, and Jerusalem. It can be considered to be an international institution.




"The report was published under the title: 'Qatar Fanning Anti-Sisi Protests Via Al-Jazeera, With Aim Of Toppling Egyptian Regime.'




"I would like to show you a video featuring MEMRI's president talking about Qatar's plans in the region and its support of terrorism. Afterwards, we will see... [MEMRI's president] said these things on a show that was broadcasted by Al-Jazeera.




"Show us the video."


Yigal Carmon [in clip]: "On the other hand, one cannot deny that some shows on Al-Jazeera promote Jihadi groups and their ideology, and promote recruitment to these groups. When Al-Jazeera broadcasts a birthday party of a Jihadist like Samir Quntar, including a big cake, party music, and fireworks... This man was notorious for having killed a four-year-old girl in a barbaric manner – he hit her head with a rock. I've never seen a similar thing on CNN or any other TV channel in the world."




Dr. Mohamed El Baz: "Let's move on to the report that concerns us. What does it say? It says that Qatar is plotting to topple the Egyptian regime by targeting Al-Sisi. What have they been doing, step-by-step? The first step mentioned in the report is that Al-Jazeera became a platform for broadcasting the videos of [Egyptian dissident and] building contractor Mohamed 'Ali.




"It says that Al-Jazeera became a platform for Mohamed 'Ali's videos since the day he first appeared, and that this helped him gain popularity.




"The second stage is very strange indeed: Some of Al-Jazeera's journalists and employees became platforms of incitement against the Egyptian state and began supporting hashtags against the president, the state, and the army."

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