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Dec 29, 2018
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Egyptian Cleric Sameh Al-Juba on Muslim Brotherhood TV: The Jews Are Treacherous and Should Not Be Dealt with Kindly or Justly

#6945 | 02:01
Source: Watan TV (Egyptian MB from Turkey)

During a show that aired on Al-Watan TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) on December 29, Egyptian cleric Sameh Al-Juba said that even though Allah forbade killing people who have a peace treaty with the Muslims, this does not apply to the Jews, because they do not abide by treaties and agreements. He explained that Jihad is the only way to deal with the occupiers in Palestine, and that the mujahideen in Palestine have ample justification to retaliate twofold against them. Sheikh Juba also said that the Jews have never acted with decency towards the Muslims, and that they were responsible for the Prophet Muhammad's death.

Following are excerpts:


Sheikh Sameh Al-Juba: The Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever kills a mu'ahad without justification is forbidden [entry into] Paradise by Allah."




A mu'ahad is someone with whom we have a peace treaty. Of course, this does not apply to Jews, because the Jews do not abide by any treaty or agreement.




The only blood that should be shed is the blood of combatants. [The Quran says:] "Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not drive you out from your homes." Allah forbids you to deal justly and kindly with those who do fight you because of religion and those who drive you out from your homes. Those who fight us because of religion and who drive us out of our homes, like what is happening in Palestine… Those must not be treated kindly or justly. Jihad is the only way to deal with those people. It is blood for blood, and attack for attack. [The Quran says:] "Whoever attacks you, attack him in the same way." This gives ample justification for the  men of the resistance and the mujahideen in Palestine to retaliate twofold against this occupying enemy, until our countries are purified.




In the Quran, the [Jews] are described as treacherous. Throughout history, they have never acted with decency towards the Muslims. They betrayed the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims, so he was forced to banish them, even though he had made a pact with them when he first came to Medina. If they had abided by the treaty, [Muhammad] would have abided by it, but they betrayed him, conspired against him, and they even caused Muhammad's death. Muslims should know this!


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