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Jun 07, 2023
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Mortada Mansour, President Of Egypt's Zamalek Soccer Club: I Would Kill Netanyahu If I Could; I Will Build A Monument For The Egyptian Policeman Who Killed Three Israeli Soldiers

#10336 | 02:00
Source: Online Platforms - "Klaket on YouTube"

Mortada Mansour, an Egyptian politician who also serves as the president of the Zamalek SC soccer club, said in a video posted to the Klaket YouTube account on June 7, 2023 that he will build a monument for the "martyr" Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian policeman who recently killed three Israeli soldiers on the border between Egypt and Israel. Mansour also said that if he could, he would kill Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and he added that the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel is only between "a state and a gang..."

Mortada Mansour: "I will build a monument for the martyr Mohamed Salah at Zamalek, because he is not inferior to the martyr Ahmad Al-Mansi who fell victim to terrorists, or to the martyr Ahmad Abu Al-Dahab, who was also a victim of terrorists. I will build something appropriate to commemorate him at the Zamalek Sports Club.

"That's for one. Secondly, I swear by Allah that I would kill Netanyahu if I could.


"They have killed our children in Syria and Lebanon. To this very day they are throwing bombs at them. They think that their blood is worth more than our blood. Of course not! (Mohamed Salah) is a martyr, he is a real man. He chased drug dealers and ambushed them. He is a real man. You are killing our children in Palestine. You are killing 10 or 12 of them every day. And what about the handicapped sheikh, Ahmad Yassin? You blew him up while he was sitting in his wheelchair – a 65 year old man.


"And what about the Palestinian children that are being martyred every day? Then there is that crazy cabinet minister who stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, provoking the Muslims. No, this is too much, we are sick and tired. True, there is a peace agreement, but it is only between two states, or between a state and a gang... I will say it again: 'Netanyahu, if I could, I would kill you, because you are a criminal and your country is racist.'"

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