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Sep 19, 2014
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Damascus Friday Sermon: The Americans Established ISIS to Destroy Syria

#4511 | 02:16
Source: Sama TV (Syria)

In a Friday sermon in Damascus on September 19, 2014, Sheik Muhammad Ma'moun Rahma said that the U.S. had established ISIS in order to achieve their goal of destroying Syria, just like the Twin Towers "were destroyed by the Jews so that America could use this as a pretext to occupy Afghanistan." Rahma further said that Barack Obama is a "clueless idiot" if he believes that he can take over Syria.

Following are excerpts from the sermon, which was broadcast on the Syrian Sama TV channel:

Sheik Muhammad Ma'moun Rahma: Do you know, oh Syrians, that America's goal is to enter Syria? It failed to do so in the past, when it entered Iraq. They plotted to enter Syria, but they were overwhelmed in Iraq. They encountered fierce men who performed miracles in the land of Iraq.

Our people in Iraq fought the Americans fiercely, until the Americans, headed by Bush, left Iraq with the tail of defeat and shame between their legs. So they began to contemplate how to enter Syria. So they established ISIS, as they themselves have admitted. They established ISIS in order to destroy Syria.


Ever since the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed... These towers were destroyed by the Jews, and the most significant evidence of that is that 5,000 Jews were absent from work when the towers collapsed.

These towers were destroyed by the Jews, so that America could use this as a pretext to occupy Afghanistan.


Obama, do not think that you can ever take over Damascus, with your mercenaries, your juvenile delinquents, and your pro-Zionists. Do not think that you will ever be able to take one inch of Syrian soil. If you think that, you are a clueless idiot.


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