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Dec 11, 2016
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Coptic Activist Michael Armanyos to Al-Sisi following Cairo Church Bombing: If You Cannot Protect Us, You Should Resign

#5795 | 02:15
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Following the December 11 bomb attack in a Cairo church, Coptic activist Michael Armanyos appeared on Dream TV where he criticized Egyptian President Al-Sisi, saying that the Christians were constantly being targeted and that "the state discriminates against us just like the Salafis do." Calling to stop the pretense of coexistence and to stop the anti-Christian rhetoric and change texts taught in schools and at Al-Azhar University, Armanyos said that if the state cannot protect the Christians, "we are capable of protecting ourselves." Michael Armanyos is the founder of the Sarhkha Movement, which focuses on the rights of Copts.

Michael Armanyos: "This attack..."

Host: "Which targeted a church..."

Michael Armanyos: "Let's not kid ourselves - these people were targeted because they are Christians."

Host: "No, the target was society as a whole."

Michael Armanyos: "True, but the Christians are the weakest group, which is always being targeted. Wael, we are the weakest group."

Host: "Police officers were targeted as well."

Michael Armanyos: "Hear me out, please. We are treated just like the chickens on the rooftops. The state only needs us during the elections. They bring us to lay eggs - to cast our votes - and then they send us on our way. The state does not need us and never will. By the way, the state discriminates against us just like the Salafis do. I had teachers who sent me to collect the garbage during Islam lessons. I have met doctors who would not treat me. A girl who studies with me is harassed just because her hair is not covered. We must not fool ourselves and paint reality in rosy colors. Stop getting a sheikh and a priest together and have them hug and kiss one another. In my view, these hugs are loathsome and disgusting.


"What I want to see is a law-abiding state. Do we have it now or not? If you think that we are not a law-abiding state, say to us: 'We don't know how to protect you.' Then our Lord will protect us, and perhaps we will protect ourselves. We are capable of protecting ourselves.


"I should have gone directly to protest in front of the presidential palace, saying: Either you are the president of all of us and protect all of us, or we leave the country. Otherwise, you should resign and be gone. We suffer from anxiety. We cannot sleep, we cannot live. We have never had a chance to be comfortable.


"What happened today is a crime of terrorism. But when it's directed at Christians, it's no big deal. '(A Muslim) should not be held accountable for spilling an infidel's blood,' they say. 'When you kill Christians, you go to paradise. The black-eyed virgins await you there.' There are certain texts, taught in schools and at Al-Azhar, that sanction the killing of Christians."

Host: "But the same terrorists kill Al-Azhar scholars, pronouncing them 'apostates.' Wael, we are the first and easiest target."

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