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Oct 13, 2023
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Chinese TV Show Host Su Lin: The Israeli Embassy Posted a Photo of Jewish Prisoners in a Nazi Concentration Camp Warning Hamas Not to Repeat History - Clearly Indicating that Israel Is Now Like the Nazis

#10561 | 02:58

On October 13, 2023, Chinese media host Su Lin shared on the Kuaishou social media platform a video in which she labeled Israelis as Nazis and accused them of "inheriting the will of Nazi Germany." She said that the Israeli Embassy in China shared a social media post warning Hamas not to repeat history and showing a photo from World War II alongside a photo of Israeli soldiers, and that by doing so the Israelis have implicitly admitted that they are like the Nazis. She also said that the Gaza Strip is reminiscent of a concentration camp and that the Israeli military has been carrying out atrocities and war crimes against the Palestinians.

Su Lin: "Israel has indirectly acknowledged they are Nazis. What exactly happened? On October 12, the Israeli embassy in China posted a message on Weibo, warning Hamas not to repeat history and to prevent a tragedy from happening again. This post sparked a lot of controversy and even angered many Internet users, the reason being that when the Israeli embassy posted this Weibo, they also attached a poster that combined two photographs. The message in Chinese, English, and Hebrew in the middle read: 'Do not repeat history.'

"The bottom photo showed modern Israel Defense Forces soldiers, while the top one was from World War II, depicting Jewish people trapped in Nazi concentration camps. Though Israel did not explicitly say so, it was evident that this was referencing the significant military advantage Israel has in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the fact that many Gaza residents live in refugee camps reminiscent of concentration camps. Israel's message seemed to threaten the Hamas organization not to cause more trouble, or Israel might imprison all Palestinian civilians in concentration camps. Some bloggers claimed that this act means that Israel is inheriting the will of Nazi Germany.

"In fact, there's really nothing wrong with this statement. What Israelis have done to Palestinians and others over the past half-century is no 'gentler' than what the Nazis did. This is not to brag or smear Israel, but it is written in many official documents and public reports. Even Israel's ally, the United States, has publicly criticized Israel's actions as excessive. If we were to detail the crimes of Israel seizing the territories of other ethnic groups and killing local civilians from these few Middle East wars, it would probably take tens of thousands of words.

"Even the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict Report publicly released by the United Nations in 2009 – this 574-page masterpiece clearly points out that the Israel Defense Forces committed heinous war crimes, and may even have committed crimes against humanity. This crime was indeed blamed on Nazi Germany in the past.

"So what is the difference between the atrocities of Israel today and those of the Nazis? If you think their brutality is only aimed at the Palestinians, you are wrong. During strikes against opposing camps, the Israelis often opened fire indiscriminately, injuring or killing those not involved. Among them were many foreign peacekeepers and UN staff. It is true that this conflict was provoked by Hamas, but the root cause of the conflict is actually that Israel has forced the Palestinians to rebel against it after more than half a century of plunder and violent oppression. Before Israel presents itself internationally as a victim, will these far-right politicians remember all the innocent Palestinian civilians who have been killed by Israeli artillery?"

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