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Aug 09, 2023
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Chinese Report On Joint Chinese-Russian Naval Patrols Near Alaska: The Pacific Is No Longer America's Exclusive Backyard

#10437 | 02:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Must-See Military Frontline YouTube channel "

On August 9, 2023, the Must-See Military Frontline YouTube channel published a Chinese report about joint Chinese-Russian naval patrols near Alaska. The report said that the patrol sends a message to the U.S. that the Chinese and Russian navies are not incompetent and that the Pacific Ocean is no longer America's exclusive backyard. It also said that China and Russia can deter the U.S. "right at its doorstep" just like the U.S. has been making shows of force in the Taiwan Straits.

Narrator: "It's evident that the proximity of Chinese and Russian naval forces to the Alaskan waters has sparked dissatisfaction and vigilance in Washington. As a result, they dispatched four destroyers to track and monitor, but refrained from further advancement. After all, in terms of quantity, the US destroyers hold no advantage.

"The move of the combined Chinese and Russian naval fleet towards the Alaskan waters conveys several messages: On one hand, the navies of China and Russia are not incompetent. They possess ample capability to conduct military operations in the Pacific and even in the vicinity of the US. Historically, the United States has regarded the Pacific as its strategic barrier and backyard, leveraging its maritime supremacy to act as it pleases, regardless of other countries.

"To ensure its own security, the US has established multiple island-chain strategies in the Pacific, attempting to keep other countries away. However, with the advance of the Chinese and Russia fleets towards Alaska, the viability of the US island chain strategy has become untenable; the Pacific is not longer the US's exclusive backyard. China and Russia also possess the capability to project their military presence here.

"On the other hand, China and Russia aren't hesitant to stand off against the US on the high seas. Recently, the US deployed strategic nuclear submarines to South Korea and conducted joint exercises with Japan and South Korea to showcase its long-range combat capabilities. Moreover, the US provided hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance to the Taiwan region, attempting to provoke a conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

"Faced with US provocation in the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Strait, China and Russia can equally deter the US right at its doorstep. Although Alaska is geographically distant from the US mainland, it shares a border with Canada and serves as a bridgehead for the US into the Pacific and Far East. Engaging in a strategic contest here with the US allows China and Russia to prevent their own territories from falling within the range of US attacks."


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