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Mar 07, 2024
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Chinese FM Wang Yi On Taiwan Elections, China-Russia Relations: The One China Principle Is An International Consensus; We Will Not Allow Taiwan To Be Separated From The Motherland; China And Russia Have Forged A New Paradigm Of Major Country Relations, Are Advancing Multipolarity

#10968 | 05:29
Source: Online Platforms - "New China TV on YouTube"

Chinese FM Wang Yi said in a statement that was posted on the New China TV YouTube channel on March 7, 2024 that elections in Taiwan are nothing more than local elections in one part of China and that they do not change the fact that Taiwan is part of China or the "historical trend" of "reunification" between Taiwan and China. He said that the One China Principle is an international consensus and guarantees peace in the Taiwan Strait, that any country maintaining relations with Taiwan is interfering with China's internal affairs, that China is committed to peaceful reunification, and that China will not allow Taiwan to be separate from "the motherland." Speaking about China's relations with Russia, he said that the strategic cooperation between the two countries is a "new paradigm" of major country relations and advances a multipolar world order.

Wang Yi: "The elections in Taiwan are just local elections in one part of China. The result does not change even in the slightest terms, the basic fact that Taiwan is part of China, nor does it change the historical trend that Taiwan's return to the Motherland. Since the elections ended, more than 180 countries and international organizations have reaffirmed their commitment to the One China principle, and their support for China in safeguarding the sovereignty and territory integrity.

"This sufficiently proves that the One China principle is already a prevailing international consensus. Those who deny that, and support Taiwan independence, are just challenging China's sovereignty. Certain countries that still insist on maintaining official relations with Taiwan, are just interfering in China's internal affairs. I believe that someday, there will be a family photo of the whole international community in which all members uphold the One-China principle. It is only a matter of time. The separatist activities for Taiwan independence are the most destructive elements to the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

"To truly safeguard cross-Strait peace, we must unequivocally oppose Taiwan independence. The stronger the commitment to the One-China principle is, the greater the guarantee for the peace across the Strait will be.

"Our policy is quite clear. We will continue to strive for peace for unification with the greatest sincerity. Our bottom line is also quite clear. We will never allow Taiwan to be separated from the Motherland. Whoever engages in Taiwan independence on the island, will be held accountable by history. Whoever in the world can deny that and support Taiwan independence, will get burnt for playing with fire, and taste the bitter fruit of their own doing. People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, share a close kingship, and our roots as one nation cannot be severed. All people of China's descent should uphold the overall interests of the Chinese nation, join the oppose Taiwan independence, and support peaceful reunification. Thank you.


"Under the strategic guidance of President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin, the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era has been moving forward on a high level. Political mutual trust is deepening, cooperation remains mutually beneficial and complimentary to each other, the two people are enthusiastic about mutual exchanges. Last year, bilateral trade reached the record 240 billion US dollars, hitting the target of 200 billion US dollars ahead of schedule. Russia's natural gas is fueling numerous Chinese households, and Chinese-made automobiles are running on Russian roads.

"All this shows the strong resilience and broad prospects of China-Russia mutually beneficial cooperation. Maintaining and growing the China-Russia relationship is a strategic choice by the two sides, based on the fundamental interests of two peoples. It is also what we must do to keep pace with the trends of the world. As key major countries of the world and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia have forged a new paradigm of major country relations that differs entirely from the obsolete Cold War approach on the basis of non-alliance, nonconfrontation, and not targeting any third party, China and Russia strive for last good neighborliness and friendship, and seek to deepen their comprehensive strategic coordination. In today's world, hegemonism finds no support and division leads nowhere. Major countries should not seek confrontation, and the Cold War should not be allowed to come back.

"The China-Russia relationship moves ahead along the trend of the times, toward multipolarity and greater democracy in international relations, and that is very important for maintaining global stability, enabling positive interactions amongst major countries, and promoting cooperation among emerging major countries. This year marks the 75th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic relations.

"The two sides will also jointly launch the China-Russia years of culture, the relationship faces new opportunities. China is ready to work with Russia to foster new driving forces for cooperation, and steadily enhance the foundation of friendship between the two peoples. With Russia chairing the BRICS mechanism this year, and China taking over the chairship of the Shanghai Corporation Organization in the second half of this year, the two sides will strengthen international and the multilateral coordination, practice true multilateralism, uphold the UN centered international system, and safeguard regional and global security and stability. Thank you."

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