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May 11, 2022
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Chinese Academic Song Zhongping: Russia, China, North Korea Would Only Use Nuclear Weapons In Self-Defense; The U.S. Would Use Them To Assert Its Global Hegemony, Even If Its Security Is Not Threatened

#9628 | 01:14

Chinese academic and military expert Song Zhongping said in a video that was posted on his Douyin social media account on May 11, 2022 that Russia, China, North Korea, and other countries would only use nuclear weapons in self-defense when threatened, but that the U.S. would use them to "assert its global hegemony," even if its security is not threatened. Song Zhongping is a popular Chinese academic and influencer. His livestreams on Douyin routinely draw tens of thousands of viewers per night.


Song Zhongping: "The U.S. National Intelligence Director just point out, if Russia doesn't feel threatened, they will not use nuclear weapons. Whether Russia uses nuclear weapons or not, depends on whether their national security is being threatened. This is different from the United States.

"The United States uses nuclear weapons to assert its global hegemony. Even if the American continent in North America is not threatened, the U.S. will still use nuclear weapons to maintain its hegemony. Russia, China, and other countries who have nuclear weapons, including North Korea, on another hand, rely on nuclear weapons for self-protection. They are not threatening the security of other countries with nuclear weapons. That's why there is a 'No First Use' promise.

"But Russia's position is special. Russia believes, as long as you invade within our national boundaries, no matter if you're using nuclear weapons or conventional weapons, as long as our national security is being threatened, sorry, nuclear weapons are one of the necessary means to counterattack."

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