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Dec 26, 2015
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Canadian-Sudanese Human Rights Activist Taraji Mustafa: Israel Does Not Interfere in Sudan Affairs

#5323 | 02:29
Source: Sudan TV

In a Sudan TV interview, Canadian-Sudanese human rights activist Taraji Mustafa rejected conspiracy theories about Israeli involvement in the secession of South Sudan, saying that Sudan is "not an important country in the Israeli mentality," and that Knesset members she met "don't even know the difference between Sudan and Eritrea. The only thing they are interested in is importing white sesame seeds from Sudan." The interview was posted on the Internet on December 26. Mustafa, who has visited Israel, founded a Sudanese-Israeli friendship association in 2006.

Man: I have to ask you - and you have the right not to answer: with all your animosity towards the current regime in Sudan, and all your campaigns against it, you met a Mossad official in Israel and had the opportunity…You must have talked to him about…

Taraji Mustafa: I haven’t hidden a thing. It has all been written and documented on the Internet, long before this show. I was the only Sudanese politician who came forward courageously, and wrote about “my first visit to Israel,” explaining how this visit was financed, who paid for the tickets, and so on.


Taraji Mustafa: Here, in Sudan, the people made mincemeat of me, calling me “Israel’s friend,” “a friend of the Mossad”…You Sudanese are not even recognized there. Nobody in Israel knows who we are. Imagine that.


Taraji Mustafa: Despite all our illusions that Israel supported (the secession of South Sudan), we are not an important country in the Israeli mentality.

Man: Not important to them?

Taraji Mustafa: Not at all…

Man: You should read a book by an intelligence officer called John. He says that he was commissioned by the Mossad and the Israeli government with the task of separating South Sudan (from Sudan). He said some other things that I am sure happened in your visit to Israel as well.

Taraji Mustafa: No, no, no…Let me tell you something: I witnessed some unimaginable things. I happened to meet some Knesset members who were visiting Canada. Imagine, they didn’t even know the difference between Sudan and Eritrea. The only thing they are interested in is importing white sesame seeds from Sudan. The only thing they knew about Sudan was that it produces sesame, which can be turned into the best tahini and the best halva. Imagine that. The other thing they are interested in is new investments in South Sudan. What I’m trying to say is that maybe they are not all interfering in our affairs.

Man: Mrs. Taraji, let me say this: This is an evil country. It is a microbe, and only Allah knows just how much it has harmed Sudan.

Taraji Mustafa: Here, in Sudan, we are hurting ourselves with our ignorance, and by taking part in wars that are not ours.

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