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Dec 20, 2023
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Santa Clara, California Imam Abdel Malik Ali: The Mask Of The Jews Is Off – They Are The New Nazis; Zionists Are White Supremacist Europeans With No Semitic DNA; Warns Of 'False Flag' Attack In The U.S. Intended To Incriminate Muslims And Curtail Growing Popularity Of Islam; Adds; Muslims Are Seen As Heroes Now Because Of Gaza – The West Has Got A Problem

#10773 | 04:18
Source: Online Platforms - "MCA on YouTube"

At a December 13, 2023 lecture at the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara, CA, Imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali of Masjid Al-Islam in Oakland CA, discussed the growing popularity of Islam in the West. He said that Muslims are heroes now because of Gaza and it should be no surprise if there will be a "terrorist attack" on America, which will be attributed to Muslims, in order to make them "shut up about Palestine." However, Ali said, Muslims are so popular in America right now, that they will be believed this was a "false flag" operation. He said that the West has a "problem on their hands" because Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West. Ali said that the Jews are the "new Nazis" and that they are white Europeans who converted to Judaism.

According to the social media accounts of the Muslim Community Association, the lecture was titled "Gaza: Unveiling Reality - An Immediate Call to Action and Spiritual Empowerment," and a video recording of the lecture was posted on the YouTube channel of the Islamic center on December 20, 2023. Imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali is the leader of the Oakland branch of As-Sabiqun, which was founded by DC Imam Abdul Alim Musa. As-Sabiqun has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.[1]

Abdel Malik Ali: "So what these people are saying with this incredible arrogance, is that they are the only Semites – these Europeans with no DNA connection to that part of the world – they are the only Semites. Right, so [they say:] 'If you are against us, you are against Semites,' while we are advocating for the Palestinians.

"No. We aren't going with that. We are going to expose that for what it actually is – that is a lie. You are not Semites. You are Europeans who converted to Judaism while in Europe. You have taken Zionism... You have taken the concept of a Chosen People and you infused it together with white supremacy.


"We have got to expose the lies that these people have [spread]. We know that they are not the Chosen People anymore. Muslims know that they are actually not the Chosen People anymore. Look at the last three prophets whom they were sent. Zachariah, John the Baptist, and Jesus. What did they do with those prophets? They assassinated Zachariah and John the Baptist, and tried to assassinate Jesus.


"This [Islamic] revival that they have tried to spend so much money on, hundreds of billions of dollars to take people away from this religion, and look at how Islam is looking now? We are heroes. We are seeing it all over the world. There is God-consciousness spreading all over the world because of Gaza.


"These Zionists know that they are in trouble. They also see that the Palestinians have more support than any other time in history.


"Those poor Jews got with Facebook, got with – It's not Twitter anymore – X, got with Instagram... Take everything down having to do with Palestine – take it down! Now they want to deal with TikTok, take it down. Too late, the mask is off. Everyone sees you for who you really are. You are the new Nazis, that is who you are, and that is how we're coming at you.


"We are looking really good now, we are popular, we are looking good... Do you know how much money they put to keep people away from Islam? How many billions of dollars they spent to keep people away from Islam? It did not work.

"So do not be surprised if there is another 'terrorist attack' on America, and who did it? Abdullah, Abdullah, Abdullah... To make us go on the defensive, to make us shut up about Palestine. Even if they do one of their false phony attacks, we are not going to shut up about Palestine. Istiqama. Guess what? If we come up and say: 'You know what, that is a false flag that ha nothing to do with Islam or the Muslims.' Guess what? We are so loved right now that there is a whole bunch of people who will believe us.


"The fastest growing religion inside the West is Islam. We don't recognize national boundaries. They have got a problem on their hands."


[1] Adl.org/resources/backgrounder/sabiqun-and-anti-semitism-campus, November 14, 2011.

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