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Mar 07, 2024
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Brussels-Based Palestinian Activist Amjad AbuKoush: We Are Paying The Price For 17 Years Of Hamas Policies; Al-Jazeera TV Wants The Bloodshed To Continue So It Can Garner More Viewers And More 'Likes'; Qatar Has Taken Over Palestinian Decision-Making

#10944 | 04:03
Source: Online Platforms - "AbuKoush on Facebook"

Brussels-based Palestinian activist Amjad AbuKoush posted a video on his Facebook page on March 7, 2024, in which he voiced severe criticism of Hamas, Al-Jazeera, and Qatar. He said that Palestinians are paying the price for Hamas's policies throughout the past 17 years. AbuKoush said that Hams has declared that this is a "victorious" war for the liberation of Jerusalem, but its maximal demands in its negotiations are that Israel withdraws from Gaza and the Strip is rebuilt, while Israel was not in Gaza prior to the war and the Strip did not need rebuilding then. He added that Hamas gave the "filthiest and lowest occupation in history" a pretext because of their "stupidity."

AbuKoush continued to say that both Netanyahu and Hamas have no incentive to reach an agreement. He slammed Hamas for creating a "chasm" with Arab countries, such as Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, which cannot be expected to support Hamas now after they were treated poorly by Hamas. AbuKoush said that it seems as though Al-Jazeera does not want the bloodshed to stop. He added that Qatar is a small county that gains its role in the world by appropriating Palestinian decision-making and that the only way to sustain its role is with more Palestinian blood. AbuKoush said: "As Palestinians, we have the right to reject this, we have the right to say: Stop it, you bastards!"

Amjad AbuKoush: "Two million 'prisoners' in the Gaza Strip have become cheap commodity in this 'bid' between Netanyahu and the Hamas movement, who use them as a bargaining chip against one another – Netanyahu by killing them, and Hamas by peddling their blood. Nobody cares about them.

"When the negotiations end, the Israeli delegation returns to Tel Aviv, which is stable and safe and is not surrounded by the Al-Qassam army, in what some people are trying to portray as a 'war of liberation.' On the other hand, the Hamas delegation returns to Tukey, Qatar, and Lebanon. They do not feel the pains of displacement and hunger. So why would they reach an agreement? Both sides are just waiting to reach their goals. Netanyahu wants to consolidate his rule in Israel, and Hamas wants to consolidate its rule in the Gaza Strip.


"Today, we are paying the real price for Hamas's policy throughout 17 years, in which it has lost us the [sympathy] of the entire world. How can we persuade the Egyptian citizens [to support us] after we opposed their revolution, raised the Muslim Brotherhood slogans, and in the shedding of the blood of Egyptian citizens and soldiers – how can we persuade them to support us?

"How can we persuade the Syrian citizens to support us, after having described their number-one murderer, Qasem Soleimani, as the 'martyr of Jerusalem?'

"How can we persuade the Saudi citizens to support us, after we blessed the Houthis when they bombed Mecca? How can we persuade all these countries [to support us] today?

"Because of Hamas's policy, we have created a real chasm with these countries. How can we persuade Emirati or Bahraini citizens to [support us]? When they traveled to Jerusalem, they were pelted with shoes, for being 'normalizers,' but when a Turkish or Qatari cabinet member would come, they were welcome as Islamic conquerors.

"These double standards and this duplicity in rhetoric and in our relations with others – today, we are paying their price.


"Over whom does [Hamas] want to rule? Over the rubble in the Gaza Strip? Will it rule over citizens who have turned into ghosts, because of a war that has already lasted more than five months, because of the pretext provided by [Hamas's] stupidity. Hamas presented this as a war for the liberation of Jerusalem, a war that has to do with the liberation of Palestine, and in which Hamas is victorious, but its maximal demands right now are to return to how things were done before the war.

"You demand the withdrawal of the Israeli army, but the Israeli army was not in Gaza. You demand reconstruction, but there was no destruction beforehand. And then, they say that now people support Palestine, which is back in the limelight. Seriously? All this bloodshed so that someone in California or in London would chant slogans in our support?


"Then the 'great' Al-Jazeera TV comes along, and says: 'Why isn't the West Bank participating? Where is the West Bank is this war?' It seems that five months of annihilation are not enough for Al-Jazeera TV, in its efforts to garner as much viewers and like-clicks as possible. It seems that they need to be repeated in another Palestinian territory.


"It seems that Al-Jazeera TV does not want the bloodshed to stop.


"Qatar is a small country that gains its role by appropriating Palestinian decision-making, and by taking custody over the Palestinian blood. It seems that the role played by Qatar can only be sustained with more blood. As Palestinians, we have the right to reject this, we have the right to say: 'Stop it, you bastards!'"


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