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Nov 29, 2020
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British Islamist Dr. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqiah: The Holocaust Was Divine Punishment, Hitler Justified It In Mein Kampf; The Jews Committed A 'Holocaust' Against Jesus - Christians Should Not Sympathize With Them

#8502 | 03:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Dr. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqiah on YouTube"

Lebanese-born British Islamic scholar Dr. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqiah posted a video to his official YouTube channel on November 29, 2020 that was titled: "Jewish Holocaust against Jesus." In the video, Dr. Dimashqiah asked Christians in the West why they sympathize with the Jews and defend them even though the Christian Bible says that the Jews committed a "holocaust" against Jesus. He said that Jews try to garner sympathy from Christians in Europe and America by evoking the Holocaust, even though they are committing worse crimes than the Holocaust. Dr. Dimashqiah explained that he does not deny the Holocaust, but that it was divine punishment and that Hitler had written the justification for it in, Mein Kampf.

In addition, Dr. Dimashqiah warned that if Jews become influential and take control, then misery, usury, money-laundering, and strife will spread. Dr. Dimashqiah also shared a version of the antisemitic "Advice Jew" meme that claims that Jews killed Jesus. Dimashqiah was born in Lebanon and served as an Imam in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for over 20 years before moving to the United Kingdom. His YouTube channel has 25,000 followers. For more about Dr. Dimashqiah, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7867.

Dr. Abdur-Rahman Dimashqiah: I believe that the Holocaust took place. Why do some people have to deny it? No. Do you believe that it was a matter of oppression? Yes, it is a punishment from God. Number one, they have to know that this massacre did not come for no reason. Maybe the Jews had committed a similar holocaust like it, we'll see... If you read the book My Struggle [i.e. Mein Kampf] by Hitler, he will be giving you his justifications, his reasons, why [he carried out the Holocaust], and history tells you who are those people. But anyway, nevertheless, it is not fair to kill people just like that.


"The Jews take advantage of the Holocaust, reminding people, especially in Europe and America about it, from time to time, so they can gain the sympathy of the people. By this [tactic], they can hide their own crimes, which reach to be worse than the Holocaust of Hitler.


"Why do Christians not consider this holocaust a divine holocaust? Why do they have to sympathize [with the Jews]?


"Otherwise, our oil [of Muslim countries] would be sufficiently filling the treasuries, the stock markets of the whole of Europe and America, but why do they have to go with the Jews against us, especially [because] their book gave testimony that the Jews are responsible for the holocaust of Jesus? If you deny the Holocaust of Hitler – which I don't – but if you deny it, that is enough for you to be thrown in jail, but will they be putting the Jews in jail for saying proudly: 'We killed Jesus'?


"Look, if the Jews become influential, controllers of the land, misery will spread, usury – which people call interest – money laundering, waging fires globally, dividing people, urging people to get divided, and to be going offensively against one another, this is the technical strategic job that no one can do successfully – except for the Jews.


"When the Jews remind you of the Holocaust of Hitler, why don't you remind them of the holocaust of Jesus?"

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