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Dec 02, 2016
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British Hizb ut-Tahrir Member "Abu Yusuf" Calls to Overthrow Southeast Asian Governments to Rescue the Muslims in Myanmar

#5788 | 04:13
Source: The Internet - "YouTube channel of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain"

A member of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain going by the name of "Abu Yusuf" recently said that it was the obligation of the Muslim armies in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Malaysia to intervene in Burma to rescue the Muslims there. "If they can't do that, because their leadership is getting in the way, it is an obligation to remove these leaderships, and replace them with a leadership that will mobilize these armies," he said. The video was posted on the official YouTube channel of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain on December 3.


Abu Yusuf: Look: Burma. Burma is surrounded by Muslim countries. It's surrounded by Bangladesh. It's surrounded by Indonesia, Malaysia. It's surrounded by these countries, who have armies. But these armies… We've got to ask a question: What is the role of the army in Islam, and what is the role of these armies in the current situation that we have today? What did the verse say? “Why do you not fight in the cause of Allah?”




Our armies are rent-an-army for colonial powers. Look at Bangladesh. Bangladesh, it provides its soldiers to go around the world on UN peace missions. UN peace missions around the world. Pakistan, rather than liberating, rather than taking actions regarding Kashmir, instead is fighting the American war in Pakistan against the Muslims in the tribal belts. This is the reality today.


The reality today in Turkey - rather than intervening in Syria and solving the problem they [would] rather go and put out the fire in the Zionist entity. We have a problem today. The problem isn't that we don't have armies, we have armies. The doctrine of these armies, the purpose of these armies, is against Islam, it's against the interest of Islam and Muslims. This is the reality.


So the question now becomes: If these armies do not actually move, they're not going to move because their leadership, because their presidents and the kings are not going to motivate and move and mobilize and prepare their armies to rescue the Muslims in Burma, then what is the natural solution? What is the natural, next, rational, logical thing that you must do? You must remove that obstacle.


You must remove that leadership, and bring about a leadership that will mobilize the army. We have a religious principle in sharia: “whatever leads to an obligation, it is an obligation, it is an obligation for the Muslim armies, in Bangladesh, in Indonesia, in Malaysia, to move, to intervene and rescue those Muslims. It's an obligation. If they can't do that because their leadership is getting in the way, then it's an obligation to remove these leaderships. It's an obligation to remove these leaderships and replace it with a leadership that will mobilize these armies. This is the crux of the issue here.




So the reality is that you do have people - in the army, people of influence - who feel that same thing that we feel. They feel Burma, the issue of Burma. Now, the question here is that - it's a very simple question - if the army of Bangladesh or any of the neighboring countries do not intervene right now - because we're not saying: “wait for the Caliphate,” I am not saying that at all - I am saying the immediate solution is for these armies to move now. And if their leadership do not move, then it's their responsibility to remove these leadership. It is their responsibility. “Whatever leads to an obligation, an obligation, it is an obligation.” They must remove these leadership and intervene right now.



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