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Nov 04, 2023
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San Francisco Bay Area Islamic Scholar Dr. Khalid Siddiqi: The Jews Make Up Only 1% Of The Universe, Yet Probably Cause 99% Of The Problems In The World

#10628 | 02:07
Source: Online Platforms - "Iqra Tube on YouTube"

In a November 4, 2023 lecture at the Yaseen Belmont Masjid, California, Islamic scholar Dr. Khalid Siddiqi said that Jews make up only 1% of the universe, yet they "probably" cause 99% of the problems in the world. He praised a Palestinian father, who handed out sweets when he discovered all his children had died as martyrs, and said: "Who can fight this kind of people? They cannot defeat them. Nobody can defeat them." Dr. Siddiqi also claimed that Freemasonry was a Jewish movement that seeks to rebuild Solomon's Temple. The lecture was streamed live on Iqra Tube on YouTube. According to his website, Dr. Siddiqi is a lecturer at the Graduate Theological Union's Center for Islamic Studies, Chabot College, Mission College and Ohlone College. He is the Director of the Islamic Education and Information Center, founder of the Islamic Law (Shari'a) Council and continues to serve as Secretary for the Council. Dr. Siddiqi is also the regular Friday preacher at the Islamic Society of San Francisco, Masjid Dar Esalam in San Francisco, California.

Siddiqi: "The most hating people for the Muslims are Jews.  


"The Freemason movement is a Jewish movement, which [seeks] the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon.  


"These are very smart people. You know we have the Republican Party and we have the Democratic Party, and what is their design? In the entire universe, their population is one percent, and probably they are the cause of 99% of the problems of the world. So, 50% of the Jews [are in the Republican Party and 50% in the Democratic Party. They never lose. Even after losing the elections, they are still winners. They are designed that way.



"In Palestine, a father is distributing sweets, saying: 'I am so happy, all my children were martyred. All my children were martyred and are in the heavens, in Paradise.' And he is distributing sweets... Who can fight this kind of people? You cannot defeat them, nobody can defeat them."

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