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Nov 24, 2023
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Australian Islamic Scholar Kamal Abu Mariam Calls For A Boycott Of Companies That Support The 'Zionist Criminal Nazi Regime': 'Oh Allah, Vanquish The Plundering Jewish Zionists, Kill Them One By One, Do Not Leave A Single One Of Them Alive'

#10741 | 02:28
Source: Online Platforms - "Roselands Mosque on YouTube"

Australian Islamic scholar Kamal Abu Mariam called, in a November 24, 2023 Friday sermon at the Sydney Roselands Mosque, for a boycott of any company that supports the "Zionist criminal apartheid Nazi Regime." He said that the Muslims should learn from the Prophet Muhammad, who would attack caravans carrying merchandise and weapons to an enemy tribe. Abu Mariam prayed that Allah vanquishes the "plundering Jewish Zionists," saying: "Count them, kill them one by one, and do not leave a single one of them alive." The sermon was streamed live on the YouTube account of the Roselands Mosque.

Kamal Abu Mariam: "One of the good, glad tidings that we can say to our brothers and sisters in Palestine is the saying of Allah the Almighty: 'Say to the enemies: "What do you expect from Allah to be given us, except two things, victory or martyrdom?"' Either way, it is a virtue and an honor for these brave and courageous people.   

"You find, on many occasions, the Prophet attacked caravans that were carrying merchandise, that were carrying weapons and what have you, to 'starve off' Qurayesh from weaponizing, or using the merchandise and weapons against the Muslims and Islam. So boycott any Israeli product, and any product or any company that has come out openly and said: 'We are in support of this Zionist, criminal, apartheid, Nazi regime.'

"Oh Allah, vanquish the plundering Jewish Zionists, oh firm, strong, and Almighty One. Oh, Allah, demonstrate upon them the wonders of your might. Oh, Allah, we make You our shield against them, and take refuge in You from their evil. Oh, Allah, count them, kill them one by one, and do not leave a single one of them alive. Oh Allah, shake the ground beneath their feet. Oh, Allah, do not raise their banner, do not allow them to achieve their goals, and make a deterrent example out of them, oh Firm, Strong, and Almighty one. Oh Allah, purify the Al-Aqsa Mosque, from the filth of the plundering Zionists." 

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