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Nov 04, 2023
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Australian Islamic Scholar Abu Ousayd: The Jews Are Rats, Cowards, Mischievous, Control The Media, Banks, Hollywood; The Anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Not Friends Of The Muslims, But Speaking Out Against Israel Is Good For Us – Enjoy The Show

#10633 | 03:59
Source: Online Platforms - "Al Madina Dawah Centre in Sydney Australia"

Australian Islamic scholar Wissam "Abu Ousayd" Haddad discussed the Quran verses about the Jewish tribe of Banu Qaynuqa' in a November 4, 2023 lecture at Al Madina Dawah Centre in Sydney Australia, which was uploaded to the mosque's YouTube channel. He said that the Jews are a mischievous people, who use their wealth to have authority over the weak. Haddad said that "their hands are everywhere" and that they control the media and the banks. He said that "peace is bad for the Jews," because then they can't produce Hollywood blockbusters defaming the Muslims. Haddad said that the Jews in the Quran were cowards like the Jews today, and he likened them to rats. He quoted the hadith about the Muslims fighting the Jews at the End of Times, when the trees and stones will speak and tell the Muslims where the Jews are hiding so they can kill them. Haddad said that claims that there is a distinction between Jews and Zionists are false, because there were no Zionists during the time of the Prophet, and therefore all the Quranic passages were addressed to the Jews, not the Zionists. Regarding the anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jews, he said that they are not really friends of the Muslims but will fight the Muslims at the end of times, however when they speak out against Israel this is good for the Muslims, adding: "Enjoy the show."

Ousayd: "So the Yahud, the Jews, the Israelites, have been a very mischievous people, causing strife, even before the coming of Muhammad.


"The Jews always claim that Muslims are always making things up. We want to quote even from their own books about their very own mentality. We need to learn about these people, because this is a people we will always be dealing with until Allah sends Imam Al-Mahdi. These are a people that when it comes to the End of Times, Allah will cause miracles to the nation of Muhammad to see and hear with their own eyes and ears. Towards the End of Times, when the Muslims will be fighting the Jews, the trees will speak, the stones will speak, and they will say: 'Oh Muslim, oh believer, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'


"We see that the Jews killed many prophets, including Zachariah and John, whom we known as John… or the Christians say John the Baptist, [but] we say Yahya.


"So [the Jews of Medina] were holding a position of wealth in society, and they would use this wealth in order to have authority over the weak, just like they do today. You find that their hands are in everywhere – in businesses, in products that we should be boycotting, Coca-Cola, Nike, Starbucks, and McDonalds, and the list is long. They had their hand everywhere, in the media, as they do today, and they would use this against the weak. Another thing that they were very good at, was they had the most oppressive interest loans, so they would give a loan to people in need, that was impossible to pay back. Again this continues today, where we find the majority of banks are owned by the Jews.


"Peace is bad for the Jews. [They say:] 'If the Muslims have peace, there is no business for us. There goes our media, there goes our Hollywood blockbuster films, that are always targeting Muslims…' So they need the strife between the Muslims and the infighting to continue, in order to thrive.


"Who is in this fortress [of Banu Qaynuqa'] hiding like the cowards that they are, like the cowards that they are today, hiding in their tanks, hiding behind large walls.


"[They said to the Prophet:] 'If you are going to come fight us, you are going to meet men that you have never fought before.' Now what are they doing? Hiding like the rats that they are.


"Everybody comes and tells me: 'But brother, these are the Zionists, not really the Jews.' There were no Zionists at the time of the Prophet. It was Jews, Yahud, and they were addressed this way. I want to [say], so you know this, my dear brothers and sisters, that even these Ultra-Orthodox Jews that you see today that are against Israel, and they hate the Zionists – we really know that from what we have just mentioned that they don' have a unity [with us], but these Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who do you think they are waiting for? They are still waiting for their Messiah to come, and when their Messiah comes, they will still fight the Muslims. They are just not fighting the Muslims now. So don't be fooled to think that these people are still your friends. Yes, let them ride the wave and speak about the Zionists, about Israel – no problem. It is good for us, enjoy the show."

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