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Apr 06, 2021
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In Audio Recording, Jordanian Army Chief Yousef Huneiti Warns Jordanian Prince Hamzah To Stay Home, Meet Only With Family, And Stop Tweeting; Prince Hamzah: I Am A Free Jordanian Citizen, Son Of King Hussein, I Have The Right To Meet With My People, Serve My Country

#8772 | 03:01
Source: The Internet - "Various social media outlets"

On April 6, 2021, an audio recording of Jordanian army Chief Yousef Huneiti warning Jordan's Prince Hamzah not to leave home, to restrict his meetings to family members, and to stop tweeting circulated on various social media accounts. In the recording, Major General Huneiti, who is chairman of Jordan's Joint Chiefs of Staff is heard saying that he has come on behalf of the country's security services, to tell Prince Hamzah that he has crossed a red line. Prince Hamzah, in response, tells Huneiti that he is the son of the late King Hussein, and has promised his father on his deathbed to serve Jordan. He said that he is a free Jordanian citizen, and the son of King Hussein, and he has the right to meet with his people and serve his country.

Yousef Huneiti: "In the past few days, Your Excellency has been meeting with people and attending many meetings. A certain kind of talk has been taking place on social media regarding the conduct of the government and of the Crown Prince."

Prince Hamzah: "About What?"

Huneiti: "The conduct of the Crown Prince."

Prince Hamzah: "This talk was from me?"

Huneiti: "From people around you. This kind of talk, sir... You and I both know that it has crossed a red line. I mean, people started talking more than they should. Therefore, I ask Your Excellency to refrain from taking part in these meetings.


"[I ask you] to only visit family members within the Hashemite family, and to stop tweeting."

Prince Hamzah: "Guys, get the car please. Get [Huneiti's] car. Sir, you are in the house of [the late King] Hussein. Di you come to my house to tell me what to do and which of my people and my countrymen I can or cannot meet?"

Huneiti: "I didn't come to..."

Prince Hamzah: "Have you come to threaten me?"

Huneiti: "I am not threatening you, sir."

Prince Hamzah: "What is this? You are telling me not to go out and meet people? Sir, I ask you..."

Huneiti: "Your Excellency... Hear me out, sir... Your Excellency, I have come to talk to you, and His Majesty does not know about it. We, in the security services, wanted to tell you... "

Prince Hamzah: "So, the security services are threatening me?"

Huneiti: "We are not threatening you... "

Prince Hamzah: "So what are you saying?"

Huneiti: "No, Your Excellency, we would like... "

Prince Hamzah: "The misconduct of the state is because of me?"

Huneiti: "No, sir... "

Prince Hamzah: "The failure is because of me?


"You came to my house to tell me that you and the heads of the security services are threatening me? [You said:] Don't leave your house, only meet with family, and don't tweet?"

 Huneiti: "Your Excellency... "

Prince Hamzah: "Sir, get into your care and get out! Please forgive me. I respect you and the institute that you command, but do not say such things in the house of [the late king] Hussein! Get in your car and get out of here!


"I am a free Jordanian citizen, the son of my father [King Hussein], and I have the right to meet with my people and serve my country — just as I promised [my father] on his deathbed. Now you show up, sir? Where were you 20 years ago? I was the crown prince by the order of my father, may Allah have mercy upon him. I swore to him that I will keep serving my country and my people as long as I live. And now, after all the mess that is going on, which is not my fault and I have nothing to do with, you come here to tell me to get in line?"

Huneiti: "This is not what we are saying, sir... "

Prince Hamzah: "I ask you, sir, to be straight with me. Who is the message from?"

Huneiti: "From us in the security services... "

Prince Hamzah: "The heads of the security services are coming at me?"

Huneiti: "We are not threatening you. We are telling you that you crossed the red lines... "

Prince Hamzah: "I crossed the red lines?"

Huneiti: "Yes, sir."

Prince Hamzah: "Okay, goodbye."

Huneiti: "Thank you, sir."


Prince Hamzah: "The mess that is going on is not my fault. You know who is responsible for it and I know who is responsible for it."

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