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Jul 19, 2023
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Buenos Aires Shi'ite Imam Abdul Karim Paz, Successor Of Mastermind Of 1994 AMIA Bombing: Iran Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Attack

#10429 | 01:04
Source: Online Platforms - "HispanTV (Iran)"

On July 19, 2023, HispanTV, Iran's Spanish-language TV channel, aired an interview with Abdul Karim Paz, who is one of Argentina's most prominent Shi'ite Islamic scholars and who is the director of the At-Tauhid Mosque. The interview was about the 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aires which claimed 85 lives. During the interview, Paz said that Iran had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks and that all the claims against it have been "arranged" against it. He added that even some journalists, investigators, Americans, and Israelis have said that Iran has nothing to do with this. It should be noteworthy that Paz's predecessor as the director of At-Tauhid Mosque, Mohsen Rabbani, was reportedly the mastermind of the AMIA bombings.

Abdul Karim Paz: "For Islamic and humanist reasons, Iran never had anything to do with the [1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires]. It rejected it from the beginning, and all the accusations that have been made against Iran have never been proven in the slightest. They were artificially and politically, shall we say, 'arranged' against Iran. And I'm not the one saying this – AMIA family members are saying this themselves. Some of them say that Iran has absolutely nothing to do with [the attack]. Investigators in Argentina have said this, journalists have said this, people in Israel have said this, and people in the U.S. have said this. Iran had nothing to do with it."

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