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Oct 20, 2018
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Sheikh Abu Mus'ab Al-Hadra: Saudis Cannot Even Carry Out an Assassination Professionally

#6803 | 02:53
Source: The Internet - "YouTube channel dedicated to Al-Aqsa addresses"

In an address at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian preacher Sheikh Abu Mus'ab Al-Hadra criticized Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for having the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi carried out in the Saudi consulate. After spending infinite funds on weapons and foreign advisors, Bin Salman "makes KSA look so stupid by killing a man in broad daylight, and in its own embassy, no less," said Sheikh Al-Hadra, adding that Trump, "their master in the White House," is a "feudal lord" who is "enslaving the Arabs, the Muslims, Bin Salman, and the Gulf." The address was posted on the "Al-Aqsa Call" YouTube channel on October 20, 2018.


Sheikh Abu Mus'ab Al-Hadra: Oh Muslims, for the past few days, the media has been talking incessantly about the assassination that took place in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. The media has not stopped talking about this issue, and about the stupidity of Bin Salman. How stupid it was for Bin Salman to assassinate a guy in his own embassy, on his own turf! Saudi Arabia, represented by Bin Salman, spends infinite funds on weapons, and on hiring foreign military and security advisors. After all that, Bin Salman makes the KSA look so stupid by killing a man in broad daylight, and in its own embassy, no less. They can't even carry out a single assassination professionally. We do not support this murder. We do not support the murder of Muslims and the shedding of their blood. These are deeds befitting only cutthroats, killers, thieves, and highway robbers. Their master at the White House has said that he does not want to cover for Saudi Arabia, but he has purchase orders [from Saudi Arabia]. [Trump] is a capitalist. He is a feudal lord. He is a merchant. [Trump] is enslaving the Arabs, the Muslims, Bin Salman, and the Gulf. He views them as slaves on his plantation.

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