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Jun 08, 2023
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Anti-Regime Protests In Baluchestan, Iran: Khamenei Is A Murderer, His Rule Is Illegitimate! I Will Kill Whoever Killed My Brother!

#10332 | 02:41
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Iranian online outlets"

This clip is a compilation of videos from various online sources of anti-regime protests in Baluchestan, Iran that took place between May 26 and June 2, 2023. In the videos, protestors can be seen chanting slogans such as "Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is illegitimate!", "My martyred brother, I will avenge your blood!", and "I will kill whoever killed my brother!" In addition, they can be seen holding up signs criticizing the regime and burning photos of former Iranian Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini.

Protesters: "Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is illegitimate! Political prisoners must be freed! Fatten up, corrupt Basiji – the end is near! Death to the IRGC!


"My martyred brother, I will avenge your blood!


"Iranians, unity, uprising, freedom!


"I will kill whoever killed my brother!"

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