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Nov 27, 2016
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Animated Music Video from Gaza Glorifies Palestinian Terrorist Attacks: I'm Coming for You with a Gun, an Axe, or a Knife

#5800 | 06:08
Source: The Internet - "Wa'ed Band for Islamic Art on YouTube"

A music video recently posted on social media accounts glorifies attacks on Israelis, with lines such as "My rockets long for you, and they will rain down on you," "From the tunnels below, I'm coming to grab your legs," and "I'm coming for you with a gun, or with an axe and a knife." The soundtrack is accompanied by animation depicting Israelis trembling in fear and fleeing the country. The video, titled "Gather Your Things," was produced by the Gaza-based Wa'ed Band for Islamic Art and posted on the band's YouTube channel and other social media outlets. For the band's song "The Roof of the Bus Goes Flying," see MEMRI TV Clip No. 5306 - 'The Roof Of The Bus Goes Flying' A Music Video Glorifies Palestinian Bus Bombings

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