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Mar 08, 2024
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American Influencer Sarah Durham Wilson: The Zionist Obsession With Rape Is Just Their Rape Culture; It Is What They Do To The Land, The Sacred, The Feminine; There Is Nothing Complicated About That

#10941 | 01:19
Source: Online Platforms - "Wilson on instagram"

American influencer Sarah Durham Wilson posted a video on her Instagram account under the handle "saraofmagdalene" on March 8, 2024 claiming that Zionism is "rape culture." She said that the Zionist "obsession" with rape is "just their rape culture," what they do to the sacred and feminine. She continued to claim that Zionism is "white colonialism," which has been "raping the earth for 4,000 yeas" when patriarchy began. Durham Wilson said that white colonialism raped "goddess culture," the indigenous culture, adding: "They took all our ways to become feminine and sacred." Durham Wilson concluded: "There is nothing complicated about that.

Sarah Durham Wilson: "The obsession with rape from Zionism is just their rape culture. Zionism is white colonialism. What has white colonialism been doing to the Earth for 4,000 years? Raping her, fracking her. Raping the sacred, fracking the sacred. 4,000 years when patriarchy began, they raped the mother from the land. When you rape the great mother and the goddess culture and the indigenous cultures that honor the feminine, the mother, the sacred, the Earth. They took all of our ways of honoring the sacred and feminine and we became a rape culture.

"So Zionism is a rape culture. And that's why you're hearing so much about rape from them, because it's what they do to the land, to the sacred, and the feminine without any honor. Because they are just white colonialism and there's nothing complicated about that."

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