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Oct 19, 2017
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Algerian Political Analyst Recommends Hatching Anti-Western Conspiracies: The West Is Taking a Nose-Dive, We Must Curb Its Evil

#6250 | 02:23
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

During a TV debate on conspiracy theories, Algerian political analyst Reda Boudraa said that great Arab and Muslim minds were "contemplating how to dismantle the global system" and that the notion of conspiracy should be used as a strategic weapon. We should "conspire against [the West] and curb their evil in order to save humanity," said Boudraa, who was speaking on October 19 on Mekameleen TV, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel broadcasting from Turkey. He further said that the West was "taking a nose-dive" and was "going down full force, with brutal iron weights pulling it down," while the Islamic nation was on the rise, and that a clash was inevitable. Jordanian academic Mahjoob Zweiri responded by saying that the Arab and Muslim failure in politics, education, sports, and the arts was of their own doing, and not the result of a conspiracy.


Host: "How come we do not conspire against the [West]?"


Reda Boudraa: "That is the real question. For the first time, we have reached a point where the minds brought forward by the peoples in the heat of this conflict are joining forces, thinking of a solution. I sat with people – great Arab and Muslim minds – who are now contemplating how to dismantle the global system.




"The Arab revolutions and the mobilization of the peoples constitute the leading tool to defeat the system of hegemony. Just as they conspired against us, we will conspire against them. It is our duty. The notion of conspiracy is a strategic weapon. Just as they are conspiring against us, we must start now – not waiting even until tomorrow – to conspire against them and curb their evil in order to save humanity."


Host: "Thank you, thank you..."




Reda Boudraa: "The Islamic nation is on the rise now and the [West] is going down. That's a fact, which nobody can deny."


Host: "Now? The Islamic nation is on the rise?"


Reda Boudraa: "Yes, it is."


Host: "And they are going down?"


Reda Boudraa: "Yes, they are taking a nose-dive. Wait and see what will happen..."


Host: "Did you hear this, people? He says that the Islamic nation is on the rise and the West is going down..."


Reda Boudraa: "Going down full force, with brutal iron weights pulling it down. At the same time, the Islamic nation, with the weight of its civilization, which is deeply rooted in history, with its geographically diverse human magnitude, with its ideological and mental pull, and with the blood of the people who rejected the hegemony... [The West and the Islamic nation] will collide at a mighty clashing point. That clashing point will be the watershed moment. This is the universal law of history, and it is bound to happen."




Mahjoob Zweiri: "Look how we, as Arabs and Muslims, have become powerless. People are saying: What could we have possibly done about all that has happened? This is true about everything, not just politics. Let's talk about education. We tell our students to study and not to cheat. They refuse to stop cheating in their research and dissertations. Isn't this 'conspiracy' one that we hatch against ourselves?




"Why have we failed in politics? Forget politics. We have failed in education, in sports, in the arts... Where are our arts? Where are our sports? People say this is the result of a conspiracy, but it is not. We have done this to ourselves."

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