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Aug 26, 2011
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Al-Arabiya TV Airs Exclusive Footage of Syrian Political Cartoonist Ali Farazat in Hospital after Being Kidnapped and Beaten Following His Criticism of the Regime

#3088 | 02:27
Source: Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from footage aired by Al-Arabiya TV, in which Syrian political cartoonist Ali Farazat is shown in hospital, after having been kidnapped and beaten by the Syrian security forces. The footage aired on August 26, 2011.

TV anchor: Following is footage, obtained by Al-Arabiya TV, which shows Ali Farazat for the first time after he suffered a brutal attack, which the US condemned, describing it as deplorable.

Farazat was kidnapped by masked men, while he was walking in Al-Umawiyyin Square in Damascus, on his way home from his office yesterday at dawn. He was thrown out of a car on the road to the airport, after being brutally beaten.

Footage shows Ali Farazat, badly beaten, with family members around him.

Family member: Whoever did this to you – may the same thing be done to him, his children, and his family, oh God, oh Prophet Muhammad.

Son (pointing at his hand): They burned him with cigarettes, look!

Another well-wisher: May God protect you. Thank God you're alive.

Son (on phone): Hello, Mom, Dad's in hospital.

Son: Look at the cigarette burns...

Ali Farazat: No, no. It's not from cigarettes.

Could you get me something for dizziness?

Son: May Allah protect you.

Ali Farazat: Could you get me something for dizziness?

Brother-in-law: Thank God you are alive.

(to Farazat's son, who is crying): Enough...

Ali Farazat: Don't let my wife in here.

Brother-in-law: Okay, we won't let [the women] come here.

Ali Farazat: Some guys found me on the road to the airport and brought me to hospital.

Family member: Some guys brought you here?

Ali Farazat: The attackers threw me on the roadside.

Family member: They threw you there?

They beat you up?

Ali Farazat: Yes.

Family member: They beat you on the way to the airport?

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