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Oct 27, 2017
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French Imam Mourad Hamza: Coca Cola Finances Israeli Settlements; Drinking It Is Unethical, Not Haram

#6270 | 00:59
Source: The Internet - "Aix-en-Provence Mosque on YouTube"

Imam Mourad Hamza of Aix-en-Provence Mosque said that although Coca Cola was not haram, it was unethical to drink it because "this multi-national company finances... settlements in Palestine" and "pays money so that people will go there and plunder the land [of the Palestinians]." His remarks were posted on the mosque's YouTube page on October 27.


"Coca Cola is not haram. But is it ethical for us to drink Coca Cola? First of all, this is a multi-national company, which pours a lot of money, through its 'foundations,' [into Israeli settlements]. Some people don't get it, and they say to me: 'But the Prophet Muhammad had dealings with the Jews.' What do the Jews have to do with this? What's the problem? Are we not allowed to have commercial dealings with the Jews? They are getting things mixed up. It's nonsense. So, ethically... Through its 'foundations,' this multi-national company finances – finances, I say – settlements in Palestine. They finance them. They pay money so that people will go there, and plunder the land [of the Palestinians]. Do you want to be a part of that? Fine, go ahead. You will have to answer to Allah."

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