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Oct 25, 2023
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Saudi Journalist Abdulaziz Alkhamis: Hamas Is Merely The Tool Of Iran; Gaza Is Being Destroyed Due To The Stupidity Of Hamas And Its Leaders; Hamas Uses Gaza's Women And Children To Fuel The War

#10580 | 01:42
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla (Kuwait) Online"

Saudi journalist Abdulaziz Alkhamis said in an October 25, 2023 show that was uploaded to Diwan Al-Mulla (Kuwait) on YouTube that Iran is exploiting Hamas, which serves merely as the tool of Iran. He said that the destruction of Gaza was caused by the "stupidity" of Hamas, its leaders, and its policy. Alkhamis continued to say that the children of Gaza are victims of a war between Iran and Israel. He added that Hamas leaders are using the women and children of Gaza as "fuel" for a war in which they themselves are merely tools.

Alkhamis said that like Nasrallah ultimately regretted the July 2006 operation in which Hizbullah captured two Israeli soldiers, because he had not considered Israel's response would be a war with Lebanon, so Hamas will regret the October 7 operation, because Israel's response will go beyond that of the 2006 Lebanon war, it will "uproot Hamas." Later on in the show, Alkhamis criticized Hamas for naming their operation "Al-Aqsa Flood," saying that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is "too pure and honorable" to be used for an operation that included capturing old and young women, slaughtering people, burning bodies, and raping women.

Alkhamis: "Iran has recently entered the fray, and it has been exploiting Hamas in the service of its interests.


"Hamas is just a tool. Forget all the talk about religious faith, liberation, and the [Al-Aqsa] 'Flood.' Where did this 'flood' reach? Ten kilometers into Israel? Or are we talking about the rockets they fire? Ultimately, the destruction in Gaza is unbearable. This destruction was caused by the stupidity of Hamas, their leaders, and their policy. Hassan Nasrallah has said it before: 'Had I known it, I would not have done it.' Hamas will also say it afterwards, but this time, it does not seem that Israel will do what it did in Lebanon. This time they will uproot Hamas and deny Iran… The issue goes beyond Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. This is an Iranian-Israeli war whose victims are the children of Gaza.

"If the Hamas leaders were real men, and if they had a modicum of humanity, they would not use their women and children as fuel for a war in which they themselves are mere tools.


"In addition, they entered the kibbutzim and rural areas, captured old ladies and [young] women, slaughtered people, burned bodies, and raped [women], and they call this 'Al-Aqsa Flood?' Al-Aqsa is too pure and honorable to be used in such operations."

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