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Nov 25, 2023
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Colorado Imam Karim Abu Zaid: Allah Decreed That Only Muslims Can Live In Palestine, That The Jews Will Leave Jerusalem And Never Come Back; When The Caliphate Is Established We Will Liberate Palestine And Expel These Guys

#10701 | 03:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Abu Zaid on YouTube"

Colorado imam Karim Abu Zaid discussed the events in Gaza in a lecture and question and answer session at the Authentic Ilm Mission Conference in Chicago IL on November 25, 2023. He said that the Israelites will be the opponents of the Muslims until the Day of Judgement. Abu Zaid continued to say that the issue of Palestine is a religious issue, not a national issue, and that Allah has decreed that only the Muslim live in Palestine and be in control of this land. He continued to say that at one stage in history, Allah decreed that the Jews would leave Jerusalem and never come back and that they would be scattered on the earth. Jokingly he added, "of course some of them ended up in Europe, next to Mr. Hitler…" and the audience erupted in laughter.

Abu Zaid said that the Muslims are waiting for the Caliphate to be established, then they will liberate Palestine and Jerusalem and "expel these guys." A child in the audience asked whether the Israelis would be punished "on Earth and in Hell," in response Abu Zaid quoted a verse from the Quran: "Fight them and Allah will punish them at your hands," and he added: "I am not going to translate that." Karim Abu Zaid is the imam of CMCC of Aurora, Colorado and the director of Salahuddin Future Academy (SAFA USA). The conference was streamed live on various platforms including Karim Abu Zaid's YouTube channel and Masjid Al-Farooq Chicago, IL.

Karim Abu Zaid: "Allah told this Islamic nation every single thing about the Israelites. He is not telling us to entertain us. Because those will be our opponents until the Day of Judgement.


"Brothers, Palestine, this holy land – we should call it the sacred land, the holy land – is not a national territorial issue, it is an issue of belief and disbelief.


"This is a religious issue in the depth of theology. This land, the holy land, belongs to Allah, and Allah decreed only the believers to live there, the Muslims to live there. Only Muslims must be in control of this land.

The only time Muslims will not be in control of this land is when they abandon the religion. Then [Allah says:] 'I will have the enemies of the Muslims take it over and punish you.' And that is what is happening, this is what is happening right now.


"Somehow, at one stage of history, Allah decreed upon the Children of Israel to leave Jerusalem and never come back here, to spread on earth.


"[The Quran says]: 'We split them into earth, in groups.' That's why you see them staying in one place, they stay together. You will find them in small groups, they have their own communities, their own financial systems, their own foods – they are smart. Very smart. Some of them ended up in Egypt, some of them ended up in Morocco, some of them ended up in Europe.


"Of course some of them ended up in Europe, next to Mr. Hitler... and you know what happened.


"We are waiting for the Caliphate, that's the promise that we have. With the Caliphate, we are going to liberate Palestine and Jerusalem, and we are going to expel these guys out of there.


Child: "Are the Israelis going to get punished in Earth and in Hell?"

Zaid: "'Fight them and Allah will punish them at your hands...' I am not going to translate that."

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