January 1, 2021 Special Announcements No. 1006

The MEMRI Weekly: December 25, 2020 - January 1, 2021

January 1, 2021
Special Announcements No. 1006

The following are links to reports from MEMRI's Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and Analysis Series, as well as to transcripts from the MEMRI TV Project, released during the past week.



Special Dispatch No. 9112 – Chinese 'Duowei News': Beijing's Sending Both Its Aircraft Carriers Through The Taiwan Strait Is 'A Clear Declaration Of Its Intention To Unify The Island' With The Mainland And 'A Warning To The U.S.', December 29, 2020

Special Dispatch No. 9111 – Iranian Expert Sadeq Maleki: 'The Old Ottomanism Was Looking To Expand To The Gates Of Vienna And To The West, [Erdogan's] Neo-Ottomanism Has Its View Toward The East', December 29, 2020

Special Dispatch No. 9110 – After Official Narratives On Navalny Poisoning Are Blown Out Of The Water, Official Russia Remains Nonchalant, As It Knows That The International And Domestic Penalty Will Be Minimal, December 29, 2020

Special Dispatch No. 9109 – Chinese Professor Qiao Xinsheng: Russia Is No Longer An Economic Power – It Lacks The Spirit Of Contract, And Reneges On Its Word When It Comes To Cooperation With China, December 28, 2020

Special Dispatch No. 9108 – Russian Commentator Alksnis: As Erdogan Faces A Concerted Attack From The West, He Should Grasp Putin's Helping Hand, December 28, 2020

Special Dispatch No. 9107 – Tunisian Singer Noamane Chaari Faces Threats, Accusations Of Treason, Sanctions For Performing Duet With Israeli Singer, December 23, 2020



MEMRI TV Clip No. 8574 - Gaza Joint Command Military Exercise Showcases Hamas', PIJ's Commando and Missile, Drone Capabilities, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8573 - Mohsen Rezai, Sec.-Gen. of Iran’s Expediency Council: If Biden Does Not Rejoin the JCPOA, Lift Sanctions, We Will Move “Full Steam Ahead” in Nuclear Field, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8572 - Recently Released Palestinian Terrorist Zaher Ghanem to Palestinian Authority TV: Israel Might Poison Palestinian Prisoners and Say That They Have Died of COVID-19, Palestinian Authority TV

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8571 - Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon: Iraq Should Have a Civil State, Not a Religious or Sectarian One; We Need Mutual Respect between Christians, Muslims, Rudaw Network (Iraqi Kurdistan)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8570 – IRGC General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi: The Only Fitting Revenge For Soleimani's Assassination Is To Drive The U.S. Out Of The Middle East, Erase Israel, Channel 3 (Iran)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8569 – Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi: The Day Will Come When Trump Is Arrested For His Involvement In The Assassination Of Soleimani And Brought To Justice In Iran, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8568 - Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Eissa: We Say That The West Is Our Enemy, But We Wait For It To Send Us The COVID-19 Vaccines, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8567 - Former Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki: We Would Have Sent The Iraqi Army To Fight In Syria If It Were Needed To Prevent The Fall Of The Al-Assad Regime, Al-Alam TV (Iran)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8566 - Lebanese Politician Dr. Muath Shaaban: We Need To Name Streets After Killers Of Israeli Tourists And Sadat; May Others Follow In Their Footsteps; Jews – Descendants Of Apes And Pigs, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8565 -  Germany-Based Austrian Professor Of Sociology Mouhanad Khorchide: Muslims In The West Are Indoctrinated To Hate The Countries They Chose To Live In, Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)  

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8564 - Iranian Media Expert Alireza Pourmasoud: Everything Goes Back To The Jews – There Is A Jewish Conspiracy; Hitler Had A Jewish Advisor, Valiasr-aj TV (Iran)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8563 - Official Chinese TV Blasts U.S. COVID-19 Policy In 'A Christmas Carol' Video: Grinch Leads Uncle Sam Through Images Of Suffering Americans, CGTN Network (China)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8562 – Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar Othman Al-Khamees: Today's Jews May Be Seen As Brothers Of Apes And Pigs; Christians Were Transformed Into Pigs For Rejecting Jesus, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8561 – Australian Shi'ite Imam Youssef Nabha: Macron Is No Less Of A Criminal Than The Perpetrator Of The Nice Church Stabbing; The West Is Now Suffering From The Takfiri Groups It Has Supported, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8560 - Senior Nation Of Islam Official Ishmael Muhammad: The Coronavirus Vaccine Part Of A Plot To Kill Off Blacks; Jews Receive Less Harmful Version Of The Flu Vaccine Than Non-Jews, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8559 - Senior Iranian Official Abbas Golroo: We Have Exchanged Secret Messages With The Americans; Despite Our Policy Of 'Strategic Silence,' We Are Ready To Confront The Americans, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8558 – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Trump's Fate Will Be No Better Than That Of Saddam, Who Ended Up Hanging From The Gallows

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8557 - In A Jerusalem Friday Sermon, Sheikh Yousef Makharzah Warns: COVID-19 Vaccine Has AIDS Protein; The World Is Run By Homosexuals Like Pete Buttigieg, Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 8556 - Egyptian Journalist Doaa Abd Al-Salam: Women Should Put Their Homes, Husbands Before Being 'Strong And Independent'; Men Aren't Obligated To Tell Their Wives If They Decide To Marry An Additional Wife, Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)


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