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Dec 03, 2020
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Iranian Media Expert Alireza Pourmasoud: Everything Goes Back To The Jews – There Is A Jewish Conspiracy; Hitler Had A Jewish Advisor

#8564 | 00:56
Source: Valiasr-aj TV (Iran)

Iranian media expert Alireza Pourmasoud said in a December 3, 2020 interview on Valiasr-aj TV (Iran) that when it comes to giant media companies, "everything goes back to the Jews." He said that this is not a conspiracy theory, but rather the acknowledgement of an existing conspiracy. He also claimed that Hitler had a Jewish astrologer and fortune teller for an adviser. He added that Hitler was only "presented" as antisemitic.


Alireza Pourmasoud: "In discussions about media, we inspected the media giants. Everything goes back to the Jews. This is not a conspiracy theory — it is acknowledging the existence of a conspiracy. It exists. We don't want to deal with fictional issues."




Interviewer: "Anybody who says that the Jews are plotting something is accused of being a conspiracy theorist."


Pourmasoud: "The evidence that they have left behind...This is an interesting point. Hitler had a Jewish advisor who was an astrologist and a fortune teller, and Hitler would [order] attacks based on what he told him. Now they will say that this is a conspiracy theory, but it's a fact. It appears in his journal. The full text is…"


Interviewer: "It's interesting that the antisemitic Hitler had a Jewish advisor."


Pourmasoud: "He was [only] presented as antisemitic."

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