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Dec 16, 2020
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Egyptian Journalist Doaa Abd Al-Salam: Women Should Put Their Homes, Husbands Before Being 'Strong And Independent'; Men Aren't Obligated To Tell Their Wives If They Decide To Marry An Additional Wife

#8556 | 03:12
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

On December 16, 2020, Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia) aired a discussion about Arab feminism. Egyptian journalist Doaa Abd Al-Salam said that women should place their homes and husbands before their jobs and before being "strong and independent." She said that women must help create a normal, mentally stable society, as well as honest and esteemed men. She also said that a man is not obligated to tell his wife if he is marrying another wife, and she added that she is involved in an institution for the advancement of polygamy. TV host Sarah Dundarawy responded that a woman can be strong and independent while still being happy in her marriage, and she said that strong men are not afraid of strong women.

Doaa Abd Al-Salam: "A woman has to be a woman. Her home and her husband must come before her job, and before being 'strong' and 'independent.' It is very important that women produce normal individuals for society, rather than mentally demented ..."

Sarah Dundarawy: "She can be strong, independent, produce normal individuals, be happy in her marriage, and everything. A strong man should not be afraid of a strong independent woman — this definition that you don't like ..."

Abd Al-Salam: "She is strong in protecting her home ...

Dundarawy: "And strong in her personality and in her life...We will never agree on this matter, Doaa. I support strong, independent women all the way, in addition to having happy personal lives. But let me ask you this: I heard that you believe that if a man marries a second wife, he is not even obligated to inform his first wife."

Abd Al-Salam: "That is true. It is not her right to know."

Dundarawy: "Wow! Explain this to me please. How come?"

Abd Al-Salam: "It is not her right."

Dundarawy: "How come?"

Abd Al-Salam: "If she knew, what could she do, logically? Is she a possessive woman who says: 'He is mine'? If she says so , it's not out of love, but out of possessiveness.

Dundarawy: "No, my dear. Just like a man is jealous about a woman and wants her to be his, she is jealous about him. This is jealousy, not possessiveness."

Abd Al-Salam: "You cannot compare between a man's jealousy and a woman's jealousy."

Dundarawy: "Do you think that men are better than women in general?"

Abd Al-Salam: "No, I think that a woman is better if she uses her brain and manages to produce a man who is a real man — a normal man who is not mentally demented, a man with presence, a man who is respected and esteemed. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between raising a man, and raising a lesser version of a man."

Dundarawy: "Okay...By Allah, I actually had to take some tranquilizers before this interview, because you and I have very different opinions. Anyway, I respect your opinions which you explained to us."

Abd Al-Salam: "Thank you."

Dundarawy: "Thank you. Honestly, I don't know what to say ..."

Abd Al-Salam: "Thank you."

Dundarawy: "To be honest, I do not want you to succeed in your call for polygamy ..."

Abd Al-Salam: "It has already succeeded, by the way. Now I am establishing an institution that will support the idea and back it up with actual work on the ground. Allah willing, it will surprise you and you will hear about it very soon."

Dundarawy: "Nothing can surprise me about it anymore...But it is clear that you have decided to institutionalize this idea...We thank you for being with us."

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