March 8, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11186

George Galloway, Former MP Who Won Rochdale Byelection, Returns To UK Parliament: 'Palestine Is One, From The River To The Sea', Iran Has Right To Nuclear Power – From The MEMRI Archives

March 8, 2024
Iran, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 11186

George Galloway, leader of the Workers Party of Britain and former Labour Member of Parliament (MP), has won the byelection in Greater Manchester's Rochdale Constituency, with 39.7% of the votes.[1] He was sworn into Parliament on March 4, 2024.[2]

The following are clips of George Galloway from the MEMRI TV archives:

Galloway speaking on Palestine Today TV on May 24, 2011.[3]

The following are MEMRI reports and clips of George Galloway:

Former UK MP George Galloway At Beijing's 'Forum On Democracy': Western Democracies Are Going Backwards, While China Is Moving Forward; In The West, Political Parties Are Two Cheeks Of The Same Backside – March 23, 2023

Former British MP George Galloway: Zionism Is the Other Side of the Coin of Antisemitism; MEMRI Harvested Material against Ken Livingstone to Be Held against Him in the Event of a Trial – June 26, 2016

British MP Galloway Slams Anti-Houthi Campaign on Iran TV: The Saudis Are Treacherous Snakes – March 27, 2015

British MP George Galloway: Gaza Is A Warsaw Ghetto – April 12, 2014

British MP George Galloway: Zionist Gunmen and Ukrainian Nazis Intimidate Jews into Settling in Palestine – March 15, 2014

British MP Galloway to Scarlett Johansson: Your Hands Are Scarlet with the Blood of Palestinians – February 2, 2014

British MP George Galloway: The U.S. Is Threatening North Korea, Not Vice Versa – April 5, 2013

British MP Galloway: I Am Against The Enemies Of The Syrian Regime – September 4, 2012

British MP George Galloway Scolds Arabs for Joining Western Efforts against Iran – June 26, 2012

British MP George Galloway: The Syrian Rebels Are 'Servants Of The Crusader Powers' – June 25, 2012

Former British MP George Galloway Accuses Israel of Al-Hariri's Assassination, Says: "NATO Is Worse than Al-Qadhafi" – July 26, 2011

Former British MP George Galloway Vows that Land Convoy Would Reach Gaza and Declares: Palestine is One - From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea – May 24, 2011

In Speech at Flotilla Protest Outside Israeli Embassy in London, Former British MP George Galloway Announces New Flotilla – With Hizbullah And Turkish Flags Waving Behind Him – June 7, 2010

British MP George Galloway: Britain Should Review Its Relations with the Dictatorship of Egypt – January 8, 2010

Al-Jazeera, Hamas TV Interview Former British MP George Galloway; Viva Palestina's 'Lifeline 3' Convoy Meets with Hamas Rep and Rally Calling for Jihad - As U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee Chairman Calls For Investigating Viva Palestina's Finances – December 29, 2009

British MP George Galloway Expresses Admiration of Saddam Hussein and Gamal Abd Al-Nasser and Refers to Bush and Blair as "Dogs" – May 15, 2008

British MP George Galloway Defies International Sanctions against Hamas and Compares Tony Blair to Caligula's Horse – March 8, 2009

British MP George Galloway to Hamas TV: I Pray for Obama's Safety; Come November, Arab "Puppet Presidents and Corrupt Kings May Discover That the Ground Has Moved Under Their Feet, Allah Willing" – July 31, 2008

British MP George Galloway Asks Al- Jazeera Viewers For Funds and Says: Bush-Blair Relations Resemble Clinton-Monica Relations; Arab Rulers are Fornicating With Foreign Occupiers – August 10, 2006

British MP George Galloway Supports Iranian Nuclear Activities and Promises PM Blair Will Be Out of Downing St. Within Weeks – March 18, 2006

British MP George Galloway at Damascus University: U.S. Army is Defeated in Iraq. U.S. Will Not Dare to Attack Syria. Bashar Al-Assad is the Last Arab Leader and Tony Blair Is A Slave of Slaves – November 13, 2005

British MP George Galloway in Syria: Foreigners Are Raping Two Beautiful Arab Daughters - Jerusalem and Baghdad – August 2, 2005

British MP George Galloway: We Need Al-Jazeera in English to Win Hearts in the US; We Need Another Abd Al-Nasser; Britain Should Pay Compensation to Palestinians; G-8 Leaders Come to Scotland for Their "Trial" – June 1, 2005


[1], March 1, 2024.

[2], March 4, 2024.

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