September 4, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4932

British MP Galloway: I Am Against The Enemies Of The Syrian Regime

September 4, 2012
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 4932

Following are excerpts from a show on Al-Mayadeen TV hosted by British MP George Galloway, which aired on August 28, 2012.

"Don't Tell Me That Only The Regime Is Killing Sons Of Syria"

George Galloway: "There are many sons being killed in Syria, many sons. Every one of them is somebody's son – whether they are on the side of the regime, or on the side of the opposition to the regime. They are all sons of Syria, and their blood has been shed in the thousands by both sides.

"Don't tell me that only the regime is killing sons of Syria. Those opponents of the regime are also killing sons of Syria, and it's just strange to me that they are ready to kill thousands, maybe tens of thousands, in Syria, but they will not lift a finger for jihad in other Arab countries, which are, and have always been, on the path of treason towards the Palestinian people. That's just strange to me, that's all I'm saying.

"There are Arab countries where there is no freedom, or liberty, at all – [countries] which have one-family rule, who even give the name of their family to their country, but there is no jihad in such countries.

"But the jihad is in Syria, and it seems that those who are fighting it are ready to spend an ocean of blood..."

Audience member: "To get their freedom!"

George Galloway: "To get their freedom? What about their 'freedom' in the other Arab countries? Are they ready to fight there? No. They are collaborating with these other Arab countries."

Audience member: "Every country has its own demographic view, and every country has its own ideas. What's happening in Syria is also happening in every [country]..."

George Galloway: "No, it's not. No, it's not."

Audience member: "Every country needs to do this revolution."

George Galloway: "Well, when are you starting in Saudi Arabia?"

Audience member: "Let's start."

George Galloway: "When are you starting your revolution in Saudi Arabia?"

Audience member: "Let the people start."

"You're Asking Us To Believe... That A Revolution Supported By McCain, By Lieberman, By Britain, France, America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, And Qatar, Is A Revolution... For Truth?"

George Galloway: "You are collaborating with Saudi Arabia against Syria. Don't tell me you are ready. Don’t tell me you are about to, you are ready to, you have to... Don't tell me that you are ready to fight."

Audience member: "Let's start to make a revolution."

George Galloway: "Let's not speak over each other. You spoke, I'll speak, you speak again, OK?

"Don't tell me that you are ready for a revolution in Saudi Arabia. You are collaborating with Saudi Arabia to make a revolution in Syria. Saudi Arabia is giving you money, and weapons, and jihadists, so don't tell me it's about the need for a revolution in all these countries, because you are in league with these countries. You're too clever a man to imagine this.

"So what you're asking us to believe is that a revolution supported by McCain, by Lieberman, by Britain, France, America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar is a revolution for the good, for truth? Is that what you are asking me to believe?

"Are you asking me to believe that McCain and Lieberman are now on the side of haq [truth]? Are you asking me to believe that Netanyahu is now on the side of haq?"

Audience member: "... the Golan [has been occupied] for 40 years, yet not a single drop..."

George Galloway: "So why is McCain supporting your revolution? Why is McCain supporting it? Because he wants a fight on the Golan?"

Audience member: "Why did he support it in Egypt? Why did he support it in Libya? Why did he support it in Tunisia? I don't care what he believes. I don't care what they think in the United States. I think about the Arab world, about the people being killed in the Arab world. That's it."

George Galloway: "Only in Syria in the Arab world..."

Audience member: "Not only in Syria. In every country."

George Galloway: "When Gaza was being massacred..."

Audience member: "Even in Palestine..."

George Galloway: "When Gaza was being massacred, and the Arabs didn't lift one finger to support them..."

Audience member: "This is why we need some revolution – to start to talk about Palestine first."

George Galloway: "That's why the Saud [clan] is supporting your revolution?"

Audience member: "I don't care about them."

George Galloway: "You say you don't care about them, but they own you. They've already bought you. They already have you in their pocket."

Audience member: "Who?"

George Galloway: "They bought you with their money, they bought you with their weapons, they bought you with their international political alignment. They already own you, don't tell me you don't care about them. Look, don't tell me you don't care, they own you. You are theirs. You belong to them."

Audience member: "Iran owns Syria. This is the same."

"Whether They Have Their Own Project Or Not, There Is Food In The Bellies Of The Palestinian People, [Coming] From Iran"

George Galloway: "When did Iran kill the Palestinian people?"

Audience member: "When did the Saudis?"

George Galloway: "What did Iran do to kill the Palestinian people? Iran are not even Arabs, but they are feeding the Palestinian people."

Audience member: "But they have their own project in the area."

George Galloway: "Whether they have their own project or not, there is food in the bellies of the Palestinian people, [coming] from Iran. How much came from Qatar, from Saudi Arabia, and these other traitor countries, who collaborated with Israel to starve the Palestinian people?

"You make me sick, you people, I must tell you."

Audience member: "Thank you. [gets up to leave]"

George Galloway:" Next one.

"Good, we had our first walk-out on [our show]. Allah be praised." [...]

"I Am Not With The Syrian Regime – I Am Against Their Enemies... I Was Not With Saddam Hussein, But I Was Against His Enemies"

George Galloway: "The killing of the people of Syria might be denied by some, but it's not denied by me. I am not with the Syrian regime. I am against their enemies, because their enemies are worse than them. I was not with Saddam Hussein, but I was against his enemies, because his enemies were worse than him." [...]

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