May 7, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11315

London-Based Al-Qaeda Ideologue: Suppression Of The 'University Intifada' In The U.S. Reflects Its Nature As A Country Based On Terrorism And Genocide; Islam Will Bury The American Empire Underfoot After It Collapses On Its Own

May 7, 2024
Special Dispatch No. 11315

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On May 3, 2024, the "Nahar Al-Da'wah [River of Preaching]" Telegram channel, which is affiliated with London-based Egyptian Al-Qaeda ideologue Hani Al-Siba'i, shared a video of a five-minute lecture by Al-Siba'i about the pro-Palestine student protests that have been taking place at American universities and about "the Americans' philosophy of genocide."

In the video, Al-Siba'i said that America is a "rogue state" that defends the "cancerous entity" that is Israel, as well as Israel's "crimes" against the Palestinian people. He said that America does this because it itself was established by means of genocide and has carried out crimes against humanity. He called on Muslims to "lift up their heads" and not be deterred by the "bewitching power" of the United States. He also said that Islam has buried many great empires and will do so also with the American empire, which he predicted will collapse on its own due to internal destructive elements.

The U.S. Committed Genocide Against Native Americans Due To Its Religious Belief That White People Are Superior And Need To Purify Humanity Of 'Lesser Races' – That's Why It Supports Israel

Al-Siba'i described the pro-Palestine student protests in the United States as "the university intifada," and he condemned the "demonization" of the students in American media, as well as the mobilization of American institutions to suppress and silence the protests, which he said are non-violent. He denied assertions that the student protestors are antisemitic, explaining that they are rising up against the injustice being done to the Palestinian people. In addition, he justified the calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and for ties with Israeli universities to be cut off, claiming that these ties undermine the universities' independence and turn them into a tool in the hands of Israel.

According to Al-Siba'i, the U.S. defends "the cancerous entity that was planted in Palestine [i.e. Israel]" and its "crimes" against the Palestinian people because it has also carried out crimes against humanity and was established by means of genocide against 400 Indian nations that had previously lived on the continent before the Europeans invaded it. He said that the genocide of the Indians included massacres, burning, and the deliberate spreading of diseases like cholera and smallpox. He claimed that this was all done because of religious beliefs that dictated that white people are superior and that there is a need to purify humanity of the "lesser races." In a reference to a similar statement made in 1963 by prominent African-American activist Malcolm X, Al-Siba'i said that African-Americans are "house negroes" serving their white masters.

The U.S. "Murdered Two-Thirds Of The World", Is "Based On Terrorism"; Americans Are "The Offspring Of Serpents" Who Control International Economic And Judicial Institutions

In this context, Al-Saba'i cited the Quranic verse: "Surely the disbelievers spend their wealth to hinder others from the Path of Allah. They will continue to spend to the point of regret. Then they will be defeated and the disbelievers will be driven into Hell [Quran 8:36].

He explained that this verse teaches that Muslims must not show weakness or idleness in the face of the "bewitching power" of the United States, which he said was "founded on murder and blood," has "murdered two-thirds of the world," and is "based on terrorism." He said that the Americans are "the offspring of serpents" who control international institutions, including economic and judicial institutions, thereby preventing them from taking action against Israel. He compared America to the famous 17th-century pirate Captain Morgan, who would frequently rob other pirates, and he said that this is what America has done by swallowing up great empires such as Spain, Portugal, and England, by seizing their wealth, and through its behavior following both World Wars and the Vietnam War.

Muslims Will Bury The American Empire Underfoot – It Is Doomed To Collapse

Al-Siba'i called on Muslims to "lift up their heads" despite the difficult circumstances they face, since they are greater than "the killers and the murderers of children" by virtue of their faith in Allah, their way of life, and their moral values. He said that Islam has in the past defeated Christian armies during the Crusades and that it has buried underfoot the greatest empires – including the Persian, Roman, Spanish, and Portuguese empires – just like it will bury underfoot the American empire. He added that America's geographic location perhaps protects it from an invasion, but it is nonetheless doomed to collapse on its own due to the many destructive domestic factors at play.

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