August 10, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1241

British MP George Galloway Asks Al- Jazeera Viewers For Funds and Says: Bush-Blair Relations Resemble Clinton-Monica Relations; Arab Rulers are Fornicating With Foreign Occupiers

August 10, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1241

The following are excerpts from an interview with British MP George Galloway, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on August 8, 2006.


Interviewer: "There is identity or harmony - and some even say subordinate relations - between the American and British policies, in a way that sometimes seems detrimental to British interests, or even to the popularity of the British prime minister. Could you explain this, at least from your perspective?"

George Galloway: "Well, it's the same kind of relationship that Ms. Lewinsky had with the former U.S. president. It's dishonorable, disreputable, unequal, and humiliating for a once great country to be the tail of the American dog, when the head of the dog is as crazy as Bush is. It's very degrading for us. Our foreign ministry knows this very well. Our ambassadors in the Arab countries know this very well. They tell Mr. Blair, though not loud enough, not courageously enough, but he's not listening to them, because he has this special relationship with George W. Bush, which is not only degrading but is placing our people in danger. Our interests are being sacrificed as a result, and the name of our country is being dragged through the mud everywhere in the world. We are now the third most hated country on the earth, after the United States and Israel. This is not a place that most British people want to be."


"I'm very sorry that so far we have not been able to remove this prime minister, who has committed so many crimes. I'm very sorry that so many people in the Arab world have had to suffer as a result of this special relationship between Tony Blair and George W. Bush."


"Two of the Arab world's beautiful daughters, Jerusalem and Baghdad, are in the hands of these foreigners, these occupiers, and nothing can be done by the Arab rulers, because they are in bed, fornicating with the foreigners, who are occupying and using these beautiful Arab daughters as they will."


"You know, I don't want to embarrass any particular Arab ruler, but once I spoke to a prince. I told him there were three British newspapers on sale for 100 million pounds - The Daily Express, The Sunday Express, and The Daily Star. Three important newspapers. 'Why don't you buy them,' I said. 'You could make a foothold for a decent point of view on the Arab world, if you were to buy these newspapers.' He could have bought them, but he didn't have the courage to buy them. He'd rather spend the money on other things. You know, in London, there is enough money thrown onto the roulette tables of London's casinos by Arabs, which could buy media in America and Britain, and transform the landscape. But I tell you, the good news is this: In the desert, just a few drops of water can transform the landscape. All we need is a few drops of water, because the American and British people have no faith, no trust, in their leaders. They know that the policy of their leaders is leading them to disaster. We need to intelligently apply the resources that we have, and people can contact me, to my e-mail, through my website, I have many ideas on how we can do this. I just don't have any money."


"Walid Jumblatt was a friend of mine, and his father was someone that I greatly admired. But now I'm ashamed that I sat in the house of Walid Jumblatt, and took coffee from his cups. I think that the mistakes that Mr. Jumblatt made, not only in the last few weeks, but especially over the last 12 months, when he did his best to divide the people of Lebanon from the people of Syria, and to encourage the Franco-American imperial plan for Lebanon, was a shameful act. I'm sorry to say that, because I have many times sat in his house. It pains me to say that, but of all the actors in the Middle East region, the one who has really let everybody down is Walid Jumblatt. I hope that he will wake up one morning, realize this, and correct this mistake, because he has wounded the Arab nation, and this is not something that should ever be done by someone who carries the name of Jumblatt."

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