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Mar 27, 2015
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British MP Galloway Slams Anti-Houthi Campaign on Iran TV: The Saudis Are Treacherous Snakes

#4857 | 03:25
Source: Press TV (Iran)

British MP George Galloway recently criticized the Saudi-led campaign against the Houthis in Yemen, saying that the Saudis were treacherous snakes, who belly-danced for Netanyahu in the casinos and bordellos of London. Galloway was speaking on his regular program on the Iranian English-language Press TV channel on March 27, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

George Galloway: The attempts by Saudi Arabia and their useful idiots on Twitter to claim that this is a Sunni-Shiite conflict that is going on in Yemen are either fools or liars.


Who knew that Saudi Arabia had such a powerful air force? Certainly not the people in Gaza who were slaughtered in the thousands just last summer and Saudi Arabia did not lift one finger to help them. Never mind not sending its war planes, they wouldn't even send a Kalashnikov bullet for the resistance in Gaza to continue their fight. They didn't even give a riyal to the starving people in Gaza, even though they promised billions of them. These treacherous snakes are not Sunni. Do you think they are Sunni in the casinos in London? In the bordellos in London? When they are belly-dancing for Netanyahu? There is nothing Sunni about these people.

Those who were being slaughtered in Gaza – every one of them was a Sunni and Saudi Arabia didn't lift one finger to help them. These sick hypocrites who run the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with "Sunni", nothing to do with Islam.


It will be the graveyard of the Saudi dictatorship if they invade Yemen on the ground. That is why they want the poor Pakistanis, whose workers in Saudi Arabia they treat like slaves – they want them to give their life's blood in Yemen to defend the corrupt hypocrites of the Saudi regime. That's the truth of the matter.


The Yemenis are very very very good fighters. They will be praying, this evening, for the over-fed Saudi army, the army of the dictatorship, to enter their country. If they do it will be the graveyard of the Saudi dictatorship. I don't believe that they will. I am certain that the Americans will not. I am certain that the British will not. But what I am not so certain about is whether the government of Pakistan will, for one reason or another - I put it no higher than that – send their army in instead.


The head of the military junta in Egypt has joined the war, the un-elected kings of Arabia have joined the war, the Israel Defense Minister has joined the war, and lame-duck Obama has joined the war. You couldn't make it up, what A motley crew, Sherriff. That is a coalition not of Decisive Storm, that is a coalition of "derisive scorn".


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