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Jan 10, 2005
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 5: Zahra Escapes Evil Zionist Palace

#479 | 08:16
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from episode five of the new antisemitic Iranian TV series "For You Palestine" or "Zahra's Blue eyes" on Sahar 1 TV that aired on January 10, 2005:

Shimon: What happened?

Nurse: I don't know what happened.

Theodor: Daddy, daddy!

Shimon: Why is the door open?

Nurse: I locked it!

Shimon: Why is the boy screaming like this?

Nurse: Calm down. Calm down, my dear. Calm down.

Shimon: What happened?

Nurse: Calm down, my dear. Go to sleep. I am certain I locked the door. Someone came and opened the door and scared the boy.

Itzhak Cohen: What happened to him? I asked you: what happened to my son?

Nurse: I think someone scared him.

Itzhak Cohen: Scared him? So what are you doing here, you fools? Don't you know what's going on here?

Shimon: I will check it myself, Sir.

Itzhak Cohen: Quickly. Move! Go!

Shimon: I hear and obey.

Shimon: What are you doing here?

Zahra: I'm looking for the nurse.

Shimon: Go back to your room immediately!

Zahra: OK.

Abd Al-Rahman: What happened, my dear? What happened?

Zahra: Let's leave here, let's go. Promise me?

Abd Al-Rahman: As you say, dear. I promise you. Now tell me, what happened?

Zahra: That man screamed at me after I saw my picture he screamed "What are you doing here?"

Abd Al-Rahman: Your picture?

Old Man: Yasser sent this message. He says: We discovered the location of Zahra and Abd Al-Rahman.

Woman: He found them?

Ismai'l: We must do something. They need us now.

Old Man: We must… We must discuss this thoroughly. They are in a place that is hard to reach. Get it?

Women: You want us to do nothing and shut up? And leave them like that?

Old Man: Arriving at the palace might expose our activity.

Abd Al-Rahman Come, dear. Come, and be quiet.

Shimon: This was a tiring evening, at least it ended well.

Soldier: Sir, there's no sign of them.

Shimon: They've escaped! Wake everyone up, they've escaped! Let's chase them. Quick, call everyone, prepare the jeeps. Everyone must be ready.

Itzhak Cohen: What's all this commotion? What happened?

Shimon: Sir, they've escaped. The old man and his granddaughter. They've escaped.

Itzhak Cohen: When? How?

Shimon: I don't know. The truth is I don't know how they escaped. Sir, we guarded the place all night.

Itzhak Cohen: You've let me down Shimon.

Shimon: Sir, give me some time. I'll find them. Whatever it takes, I'll find them, Sir.

Itzhak Cohen: Find them, Shimon. You must find them. You must find them.

Shimon: I will close all the escape routes, don't worry.

Itzhak Cohen: The most important thing for me is that girl.

Shimon: At your command, Sir. I will find them.

Soldier: You search the camps, and you brake in to houses. Pay close attention!

Shimon: Be alert. Everyone be prepared. Inform all the guards. This is top secret! Inform all our spies. Everyone at high alert. Get the old man and the girl quickly. I want them quickly! Why are you standing? Move! You! Why are you standing? Move!

Zahra: Grandpa, what a pretty view.

Abd Al-Rahman: Yes, dear. It's pretty. All this land once belonged to us.

Zahra: They took it away from us?

Abd Al-Rahman: We will take it back. Here we were born, and here we must die. They took our country by force, and conquered our lands. Zahra! It seems they have discovered our escape. Come on, hurry.

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