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Dec 13, 2004
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Zahra's Blue Eyes - Episode 1: Preparations for Stealing Palestinian Children's Organs

#420 | 08:20

The following are excerpts from the new antisemitic Iranian TV series " For you, Palestine" or "Zahra's Blue Eyes":

Cameraman: Pay attention, he will be here shortly.

Police woman:Pay attention, he will be Here very soon.

Cameraman: 3, 2, 1…

Reporter: Dear viewers, from the "Israel today" medical conference, I bring you the following report: Mr. Yitzhak Cohen, the military commander of the West bank and one of the main candidates in the elections, will arrive at the conference soon. He will talk about the medical progress made by Israel, which will have a major impact on global medicine and on human organ transplants.

Yitzhak Cohen: Recently, we had great success in the field of transplanting and cloning human organs, and we can declare with full confidence that all the people on this planet- be they white, black, yellow, or red – will all enjoy the marvelous medical accomplishments that we have made in these fields.

We believe that the Lord has given us these possibilities and capabilities, which require us to provide all the needy in the world with the accomplishments of our gifted people in the fields of human organ transplant and rehabilitation. We give this as a gift to mankind!

Crowd:Yitzhak Cohen! Yitzhak Cohen! Yitzhak Cohen! Yitzhak Cohen!

Teacher: What happened, Zaynab?

Camp Nurse: They have come to prevent the spreading of an eye disease. We must let them examine the children.

Teacher: OK.

Teacher: Quiet, children. Quiet! What's the matter with you? Be queit so I can tell you something. Very good, children.

Zahra: They want to give us shots.

Child: Shots! Oh my god!

Doctor: Open your eyes, my dear. Good Come, yes. And you. Good. You too… God bless you.


Camp nurse: What kind of a program is this? Why aren't you examining everyone? Why are they taking pictures? What's going on here?!

Doctor: Calm down please. We are only doing our duty. We will examine everyone, OK? And you… Open wider…

children: They didn't give us shots, thank god.

Child: Did you hear what he said?

Yitzhak Cohen (on TV screen): We are the best of the races in the world. Our land should extend from the Euphrates to the Nile. The oil lies between the Euphrates and the Nile…

Child: Let's go. We don’t want this.

Yitzhak Cohen (on TV screen): Listen to me closely…Listen closely. The world will be shaken by…

Salesperson: Come back, children! Come back! What's the matter. Your show has started again. Come back!

Yitzhak Cohen (on TV screen): The whole world will be shaken by the oil shortage problem. This is a difficult stage that will determine the fate of the entire world, and all eyes will be upon this region.

Military man: Here you go.

General: This is the one!

General: This is the one! Here you go, Doctor.

Doctor: Here you go, sir. Take a look.

Yitzhak Cohen: Who is this?

Doctor: The number is on the back of the photo, sir.

Yitzhak Cohen: 72.

General: 72.


Military man: Zahara Abd Al-Rahman Muhammad. Age: seven; blood type: O+.

General: She lives in the central refugee camp.

Eye color: green.

Yitzhak Cohen: Good.

Doctor: Her physical condition is not bad.

Yitzhak Cohen: What is her medical condition?

Doctor: Not bad, but she needs better care.

Yitzhak Cohen: Excellent. Bring her here. Prepare everything for her. Treat her like a princess.

General: Sir, there are 32 children that you haven't seen yet, and there is also a ship docked at the shorewith a cargo of artificial fetuses…

Yitzhak Cohen: I this one! Her eyes remind me of my wife.

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