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Dec 01, 2015
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YouTube Death Threats to Blogger Taymour El-Sobky Who Allegedly Slandered Upper Egypt Women

#5345 | 03:59
Source: The InternetCBC TV (Egypt)

A TV show in which Egyptian blogger Taymour El-Sobky said that 30% of Egyptian women - and especially in Upper Egypt - were unfaithful to their husbands enraged men in that area, who took to YouTube to express their protest and record death threats. El-Sobky himself was arrested and the CBC show in which he had made the comments in December was recently taken off the air.

Following are excerpts:

Taymour El-Sobky: I have a Facebook page with 1.1 million followers. People send me stories you'd never believe. People send me stories you'd never believe. I am talking about…

Interviewer: What kind of stories?

Taymour El-Sobky: I'd better not…

Interviewer: Why not? Go ahead.

Taymour El-Sobky: What exactly do you want me to talk about?

Interviewer: It's up to you.

Taymour El-Sobky: I'm talking about women who cheat on their husbands… Some husbands even know, but they forgive them time and again, and eventually, they leave the country.


Some women view marriage as a lucrative business. They marry a man, have children, with him, take his apartment, and divorce him.


I would go easy on the women, and say that 30% of women would be willing to act immorally, but cannot find a partner who would encourage them.

Interviewer: 30% of women?

Taymour El-Sobky: Yes, I'm going easy on them. It's 15% more than that. It is very common for women today to cheat on their husbands…

Interviewer: But why? Because marital life is boring? Because she is immoral? Because her husband misbehaves? Because he cheats on her?

Taymour El-Sobky: All of the above. Maybe they got married young, but now she finds herself married to someone she doesn't really know. This phenomenon is very common in Upper Egypt and in the Nile Delta.


Resident of Upper Egypt wielding a dagger: Taymour! Taymour El-Sobky – is this a name for a human being?! Taymour is a name for a dog, and Sobky is also a name from the zoo. You dog!


You dirty bastard! Don't you know that Upper Egypt produced residents and leaders, you dog?


El-Sobky, you piece of filth, you C-section baby, you dog! You were born by C-section, and your mother abandoned you in the kindergarten. We are on your trail, you son of a bitch. Tell him we'll never let him be…

Another resident of Upper Egypt wielding a dagger: Tell him we'll never let him be…

Resident of Upper Egypt: We'll never let you be! We will never let you be. All of Asyut will hunt you down, you dog!


The people of Upper Egypt are the core of the entire country.

Another resident of Upper Egypt: Tell him about Sheikh of Al-Azhar…

Resident of Upper Egypt: Where is Sheikh of Al-Azhar from, Sobky? Where did Gamal Abdel Nasser come from, Sobky? Tell him about the doctors and engineers… Where did all the doctors and engineers come from?


A group of Upper Egypt residents: Today, we want to talk about the son of a bitch Taymour El-Sobky, who affronted the women of Egypt. Some say that he affronted only the women of Upper Egypt, but the women of Upper Egypt are the women of Egypt. Is Upper Egypt in Egypt or in Sudan?! Perhaps it's in Israel…Exactly! You have infringed upon the honor of Muslim women, you son of a bitch, you man of no religion and of no faith. A man with no pedigree… Exactly! I swear to God, you son of a bitch, when we get our hands on you, we will cut your mother's neck with this saw. By Allah, I will clip the man who brought you into this world. See this?! Who are you to talk about the people of Upper Egypt, you son of a whoremonger?


A group of Upper Egypt residents yielding guns: We offer 200,000 Egyptian pounds to anyone who will lead us to the home of the "great hero" Taymour El-Sobky. Whoever leads us to Taymour will get the money. We don't have much more to say. We offer 2000,000 Egyptian pounds for the head of Taymour El-Sobky.


The group shoots into the air

Upper Egypt youth, holding a pistol You're a dead man, Sobky, you whoremonger!