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Jul 26, 2012
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Washington-Based Liberal Writer Mansour Al-Hadj on Anti-Regime Demonstrations in Sudan

#3519 | 01:50
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

Following are excerpts from an interview of Washington-based liberal journalist and writer Mansour Al-Hadj, which aired on Al-Hurra TVon July 27, 2012:


Mansour Al-Hadj: The youth of Sudan are capable of changing the regime. These youths, who grew up under the "National Salvation" government, are [today] university students, and they took to the streets, demanding regime change.



They were subjected to tear gas and rubber bullets inside the universities.



The young people have now reached the point where they have lost any hope for reforms by the current regime, and they are, therefore, demanding a complete regime change.






The armed movements have joined the youth in their demands, as have unions and political forces.



There is a national consensus that the National Salvation government has failed to bring the country to prosperity. They have failed to implement the very things for which they revolted: liberties, the economy, and so on.



The current government has failed in the management of Sudan. The economy has failed spectacularly.



The President of Sudan said: "We did not expect South Sudan to stop the flow of oil."



I am not a politician but, but politically speaking, when you negotiate political solutions and the division of a country, you need to provide solutions to all contingencies.





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