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Jun 15, 2014
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Warning: Extremely Graphic - ISIS Terrorists in Syria Play with Decapitated Head

#4306 | 54
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from a video posted on the Internet by ISIS terrorists on June 15, 2014, showing ISIS members playing with a decapitated head. According to the Internet posting, the victim was a member of the Free Syrian Army. Viewer discretion is advised.

Man filming the video: The video has already started.

Another ISIS member: Okay? Can we start?

ISIS member (picks up decapitated head): Yeah.

Hello, my name is John.


ISIS member: See, he doesn't smile today. Look at him.

Man filming the video: Why doesn't John look like he died of natural causes?

Another ISIS member: Oh no... Oh, disgusting... Ewwww...

ISIS member throws down the head

Second ISIS member: Oh brother, man...

Man filming the video: He died of natural causes.

Another ISIS member: This guy died of natural causes by a knife... It cut his throat.

Man filming the video: Natural causes – the mujahideen... Natural cause for an apostate. Allah Akbar.


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